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Published on 10 March 2016 in M - Pay As You Go by Raffick Marday

Prepaid Visa Vouchers

A Visa prepaid voucher is as the name suggests. A type of Visa card pre-loaded with funds. Instead of linked to a bank account known as Visa debit. Or a facility providing a line of credit known as Visa credit. A Visa prepaid voucher where the amount you spend is limited to the value one has pre-loaded onto the card. In addition depending on which option type you choose, as two options available by Visa prepaid card.

  1. A disposable prepaid card. Similar to an electronic gift voucher.  You use until all the loaded funds are spent then throw it away. As only usable once funds depleted


  1. A reloadable prepaid card, Similar to a prepaid mobile phone account. So if the accounts running low? Just top it up and use it again

This month sees the launch of a new way to spend on the internet. We have recently seen the introduction of prepaid cards in the UK, but here come prepaid vouchers.

Prepaid Visa Vouchers

So, Prepaid vouchers, and how do they work?

Prepaid vouchers or "virtual" cards as more commonly known have been available in the UK for a while. But, they have never been widely accepted, as were not VISA or MasterCard branded, and were generally for specific retail stores or group of stores (much like a store card).

However, things are about to change in the UK with the arrival of the new 3V vouchers issued in association with VISA.

The new 3V vouchers used on the internet worldwide, wherever VISA credit or debit cards are accepted. They are exactly the same as a VISA prepaid card, but without the plastic!

Given they are pre-paid with your own funds. No credit check required, making them very easy to obtain. Once you have registered on the 3V website, you will receive a 3V Customer Identification Card. This used to pay for prepaid VISA vouchers at any PayZone participating retailer. You can buy 3V vouchers in denominations of £10 from £20 up to £200 and you can make as many purchases as you like with a 3V Voucher. As long as you do not exceed the available balance.

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