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MeCard Prepaid Card - This site maybe not Real - Maybe a Scam

Published on 12 March 2016 in M - Pay As You Go by Raffick Marday

MeCard Prepaid Card Reviewed

What Prepaid Card Summary Review.

Date Reviewed: October 2011.

What's Good?
The MeCard prepaid card is great if you are a parent or guardian with teen-age youngsters. Hence, MeCard is the new user-friendly, flexible, prepaid service from MasterCard. It boasts an online linked-account system. Also, Where funds can be transferred from parent to teen at the click of a button. So, No more queuing at the bank or fiddling with passcodes. MeCard is simple and secure.

What's not so good?

As with all prepaid cards, fees do apply. Although significantly lower than most PrePaid offerings. So, MeCard does charge for a few services. ATM withdrawals cost £0.75 and MeCards must be renewed after 2 years at a cost of £9.99 to the cardholder.

Application Process - 5-star prepaid rating.
MeCard has stuck to a simple and straightforward sign-up format, which does what it says on the tin. Also, Credit checks are not performed, just a simple name/address verification is carried out. Parent cards are free and Teen cards cost £9.99 with a free £10 gift allocated to each teenage card holder.

MeCard Prepaid Card

Card Design - 2-star prepaid rating.
Cards are individualised with the name of cardholder, but card design is not editable and the same design is applied to parent/teen cards.

Fees - 4-star prepaid rating.

On application Parent Free/Teen - £9.99
Monthly - None
Term before renewal - 24 months
Purchases in store - Free
Purchases online - Free
On ATM withdrawals - £0.75
ATM withdrawals abroad - £1.50
Card replacement - £5
Additional cards - £9.99
Annual - £9.99

Self Servicing - 3-star prepaid rating.
Consequently, MeCard applied for and managed primarily online. Teens can view their balance, shop online. Also, top up a PAYG phone through their online account. In addition, Parents can use BACS, PayPoints or set up standing orders to their parental MeCard. So, Before distributing the funds between teen cards. Hence, A customer service team available to help with questions and contacted online or over the phone.

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