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Freedom prepaid card is branded Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 10 March 2016 in M - Pay As You Go by Raffick Marday

Freedom Prepaid Card Review

What Prepaid Card Summary Review?

The freedom card is no longer in circulation as the company went into administration in 2012

What's Good about Card?
The Freedom prepaid card branded Prepaid MasterCard which has Chip and Pin capability with credit booster. Therefore, help repair your credit and accepted at more than 30 million locations around the globe. So, To get a Freedom card you don't need a bank account and guaranteed accepted regardless of your credit history as long as you can confirm your ID.

What's not so good about Freedom?
The freedom card is no longer in circulation as the company went into administration in 2012

Application Process - 0 stars prepaid rating

  • The application process is completely online where they conduct electronic checks for verification on all applicants. Also, You need to pay for your card in advance before your card will be dispatched.

Freedom Prepaid Card

Card Design? - 2 stars prepaid rating

  • If card designs a rip off from the Cashplus prepaid card. So, The card was black but has recently been changed to represent a gold card. So, You will disappoint as it's not a gold card.

Fees - 0 stars prepaid rating

  • Offers several card plans where you can choose from several price plan options.

Card fees table No longer available.

Self Servicing -- 0 stars prepaid rating
Freedom operates an online service where you can manage your account 24 hours a day. In addition, where the Freedom account self-servicing options including Order replacement card.
Consequently, Order replacement PIN, Update your details, Send an email question to customer services Dispute a transaction. Also, View all of your transactions, Top up your account. Report your card lost or stolen. Date Reviewed: January 2010.

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