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CrewCard Prepaid Card Review

Published on 17 March 2016 in M - Pay As You Go by Raffick Marday

CrewCard Card Reviewed the CrewCard one of the most cost-effective prepaid MasterCard's on offer in the UK this year. With a whole host of benefits over most other prepaid cards on offer.

Shopping with Crew Card
Unlike most other prepaid cards CrewCard doesn’t charge their customers for purchase transactions. This is great news for users wishing to shop in-store or online.

Money Transfer by Crew Card
When you buy a CrewCard Prepaid card, you actually get a pack with TWO cards. One is for the primary prepaid cardholder who remains in control of the account and uploading funds. The second prepaid card can be given to a relative and funds transferred from the primary prepaid card to the secondary prepaid card, which can be used to withdraw money, to pay for goods online, in shops and in the same way as the primary prepaid card.

The money is transferred instantaneously, and at 2.5% charge, it is cheaper than other traditional methods of transferring money and is very useful for workers wanting to send money back home to relatives, or for example to send funds to relatives travelling abroad who need emergency money.


SMS Banking and Account Control?
Another exceptional feature of the CrewCard prepaid card that the account controlled by mobile text message (SMS.) You even buy your card by mobile phone online by going to the CrewCard prepaid card website!

With SMS banking, you request balance details, load money. Lock the card if you suspect it lost, and unlock it if you find it again.

Most importantly, you instruct a money transfer to the secondary card by entering a simple text command. And funds almost instantaneously transferred to your relative.

So even if you do not have access to the internet, CrewCard Mobile SMS Control allows you to control, check and use your account wherever you are.

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