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CaxtonFX Card accepts international payments

Published on 10 March 2016 in M - Pay As You Go by Raffick Marday

CaxtonFX Accepts International Payments

What’s good?
When you are guaranteed to beat foreign exchange rates, you cannot ask for much more from a prepaid card abroad. As a MasterCard, it is accepted globally and also offers free insurance, free transactions at a point of sale and a fixed card rate which protects against rising costs.

What’s not so good?

The CaxtonFX card is only available in USD and EURO which limits the opportunities to use it abroad slightly. It is also worth noting that when abroad, you cannot reload with cash or at third-party outlets. This means it is definitely a good idea to load everything you will need the card BEFORE travelling.

CaxtonFX International Payments

CaxtonFX Card Design - 4 Prepaid Rating
The card design is standard and professional.

CaxtonFX Card Fees - 4 Prepaid Rating
The good news is that there are no fees for the card issue or monthly use. The bad news that if you want to use the card in the UK. You charged £1 for ATM withdrawals and a further £1.50 for any other transactions you make.

CaxtonFX Self-servicing - 4 Prepaid Rating
The CaxtonaAFX card reloaded online, over the phone or by SMS. All these options are free and quite easy to navigate.

Same day payments which highly competitive rates
Rate alerts so they monitor the markets for you
Limit order to protect you from adverse currency movements
Forward contracts which ensure you don’t lose out
Consequently using CaxtonFX international payments system could assist you with the use of one of the experienced account managers. As the account manager will monitor any currency fluctuations which could cause concern when dealing with an overseas property. Or Repatriation of funds or even sending a money transfer regular payments. Get tips from our currency experts at Caxton which offer insights from others. Also, who have gone through the process in our handy guide?

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