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Published on 28 March 2016 in M - Pay As You Go by Raffick Marday

Best Pay as You Go Card also known as PAYG prepaid debit cards are same as credit cards, but they need upfront cash before you use them. There are several benefits that come with Pay as you go cards, they are:

Great for Students
One of the safest and convenient ways to use the money for a student is with a prepaid debit card. You can simply set your monthly limit, get the prepaid card reloaded and operate the budget appropriately.

Safer than Carrying Cash
It is safe to carry a pay as you go card instead of carrying plenty of cash. Since you are always protected. In case the card gets stolen or lost, you can immediately call the issuant and get it blocked.

Helps You Better Manage Your Budget
Since a debit card is not a credit card, you will not be able to make purchases on credit. The pay as you go card forces you to stay within your set budget. Hence, you are able to manage your finances in a better way.

Free Pay as You Go Card Comparison

No Credit Card Bills
You are always free from a bill when you are using a pay as you go card. This is because; you can only send what you have. So no worries about paying monthly bills, the pay as you go cards make it all very easy for you.

All Over Acceptance
Pay as you go cards are prepaid debit cards that are used and accepted all over the world. So if you are travelling, do not take much cash. The pay as you go card will work efficiently for you.

Pay As You Go Prepaid Cards- A Good Option for Users

Today, almost everyone can benefit from a pay as you go card but there are certainly more benefits that make these cards optimal for specific needs.

Bad Credit History
There is no issue if you have a bad credit history. One of the greatest benefits of using a pay as you go card is that anyone can buy these cards even if they have poor or no credit history. For a lot of people, poor credit is a fact and here, a pay as you go card can work as an excellent financing option.

PAYG Card Comparison

Don't want a Bank Account
Many people these days do not want to keep their money in any bank. Here also, a cheap pay as you go prepaid card comes into the role play. There are no hidden fees or interest charges. You are always aware of your money and its location. Moreover, you do not need to worry about overdraft fees because you can only spend the money loaded onto your card.

You can check your balance anytime online. The online accounts are open 24 hours to serve their customers. This useful pay as you go prepaid cards offer the same benefits of traditional bank accounts without any unnecessary attached fees.

Don't want a Credit Card
A habit of regularly swiping a credit card can be highly detrimental. This routine can often lead people to a debt issue. But, with a PAYG prepaid card, the money on the card is all yours. So, you can spend as much it is there in your account. Furthermore, cheapest pay as you go prepaid cards allow you to enjoy the great benefits of getting money from ATMs without going into debt.

If you are looking for a beneficial card like pay as you go card. There are various online stores such as 02, Virgin or Orange that are offering pay as you go cards at affordable rates. You can make a healthy comparison between different prepaid cards and pick up the best suited for you.

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