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Free 3v Prepaid Vouchers - Buy Pay As You Go Voucher Card

Published on 9 March 2016 in M - Pay As You Go by Raffick Marday

Free 3v Prepaid Vouchers

What Prepaid Cards Summary Reviewed?

What's Good about the virtual card?
Welcome to 3v prepaid voucher revolution – 3V has arrived! 3V vouchers launched in the UK in early November 2006. They allow customers to buy a VISA voucher on the high street and then purchase goods or services on the internet or by mail order. They run on the VISA network, so are accepted at all online retailers that accept credit and debit cards. You also don’t need to be 18 to get one, as they are available to anyone aged 16 or over.

Once you have registered on the 3V website and received your 3V card, you can obtain prepaid VISA vouchers instantly, from any participating PayZone retailer. No basic bank account required you can buy using your mobile.

Buy 3v Prepaid Voucher

What's not so good about the virtual card?
If you buy your 3V over the counter at a PayZone retailer they will charge you a set fee. If you intend to only purchase small value vouchers (min £20), the fees can soon add up. You are also charged a fee to cash-in any remaining funds that are left on an unspent voucher.

3V Application Process; - 5 stars virtual card rating.

3V’s application process is easy and simple to buy online.

  • Go online to register for a 3V Voucher.
  • Once registered your ID card will be processed.
  • Within 3 days 3V will send your customer identification card in the post.
  • Take the customer identification card to any over the counter PayZone retailer.
  • The PayZone retailer will swipe your 3V voucher card. You pay the amount you require and pay their fee.
  • PayZone retailer immediately prints a voucher with your purchase details, which includes a VISA card number.
  • This voucher will either be SMS’d or e-mailed or print receipt. The VISA voucher comes with 16 digit card number, expiry date and 3 digit card security code (CVV2).
  • That’s it! You are done and can go spend instantly online or via telephone or mail order.

Fees - 3 stars virtual card rating.
3V prepay vouchers can work out expensive for small value vouchers. Also, make sure that you only buy vouchers that you intend using, and you will need to pay a fee to get an unspent money returned to you. However, other than the above, the 3V vouchers are very cost effective given the convenience.

Self Servicing - 3 stars prepaid rating.
3V offer complete self-service facilities which give you total control of your account and how and when you want to use your virtual card. By having total flexibility with your virtual card allows you spend and monitor credits left on your prepaid card voucher.

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