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Application Fees
Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
icount Pay Monthly Card
Application Fee: £4.95
Transaction Fee: no-uk-atm-fee, no-uk-pos
Monthly Fee: £9.95
ATM Charges: £0.50 UK - £1.50 abroad
Top Up Fee: Free (except cheque, which is minimum £4.50)
Pockit Pay Monthly Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, no-uk-atm-fee, no-uk-pos
Monthly Fee: £3.00
ATM Charges: £1.00 up to £2.25
Top Up Fee: Free - 3%
Tuxedo prepaid Card
Application Fee: £9.95
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, uk-atm-fee, usa-atm-fee, usa-transaction-fee
Monthly Fee: £4.99
ATM Charges: In the UK £0.50 - £2.25 Abroad
Top Up Fee: Free - 3%

Top up by Direct Deposits
Top Up My Prepaid Card by Direct Deposit?
Direct deposit is an easy and affordable way to top up your prepaid card. If worried about running low on funds or incurring hidden fees? Hence, Use direct deposit as a reliable way to top up your prepaid card. Here, you can find the answers to all of the questions you may have regarding how to reload your prepaid card using a direct deposit method.

How Can I Top Up My Prepaid Card by Direct Deposits?
Often times, you can get in contact with the provider of your prepaid card. Then, you can set up a direct deposit account. You can set up a direct deposit account for your prepaid card in one of two ways: Through PayPal, a trusted and reliable online payment service. Or through your bank account directly. The system will connect your prepaid card with your checking or savings account to pull money out of it directly.

Are There Any Reloading Fees?
Fortunately, direct deposit is one of the cheapest ways to reload your card. You do not have to pay a monthly fee by using this method. Some other methods of reloading prepaid cards will require a monthly or even a per-transaction fee, but direct deposit makes the process seamless and affordable.

Depending on your provider, you should not be charged a service fee from transferring money from your bank account on to your prepaid card. If you use PayPal, there may be a small fee charged as part of PayPal's Terms and Services. But there are ways around it.

Top-up by Direct Deposit

Is There a Reload Amount Limit with Direct Deposits?
There may or may not be a reload amount limit based on your service provider. Also, Typically, most prepaid cards do have a limit, but the direct deposit method can be more generous than other payment reloading methods. So, Direct deposit allows for the money to come directly from your bank account without incurring fees. Which lets you put more of your real money on your card at one time.

Consequently, Direct deposits are often a preferred method of topping off a prepaid card. This is due to the convenience of setting it up as well as the affordability of withdrawing funds without an extra charge. Most noteworthy, Speak with your prepaid card's service provider to see how to set up with a direct deposit method. So, That way, you have the power to decide where, when, how, and how much to reload your prepaid card.