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Loading Facilities and Fees - Topups and Reloading Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards Loading Facilities

With so many ways to load your prepaid card its not a case of how its a matter of how much its going to cost?

To top up a prepaid card is some form or another will cost you to top up your card, if you are paying a monthly subscription fee then in most cases topping up your prepaid credit card will be inclusive of your monthly fee charged. If you have opted for a pay as you go card there is usually a percentage charge or a charge per pence or per pound.

Topups and Reloading Prepaid Cards

How to top up a prepaid card?

Top-up cards are considered to be the most popular payment method. There are various types of top-ups for prepaid cards. The system is fully contained, simple, and very cost effective. Here is the way the process works:

- A set of customized cards is printed out. Each card lists a unique ID, a valid untilĀ date, and a value.

- Users can purchase a pre-paid / top-up card when they need additional credit. Such cards can be sold at the candy vending machine, canteen / cafeteria, or at the library.

- The user enters the cards number after they log in to the systems web interface. The value listed on the card is automatically credited to the users account and then the card becomes inactive.

There are many organizations that designed various pre-paid / top-up card systems. They have evaluated the different payment technologies over the years in conjunction with their education customers. Among these are included smart cards, vending machines, manual processing, and micro-payment systems. The pre-paid / top-up card system has been the most cost effective and successful by far. This system provides a great complement or alternative to the payment gateway. Pre-paid / top-up cards have also become the de facto standard in other areas such as the iTunes Music Cards and the mobile phone sector.

Included in the various types of top-ups for prepaid cards are the following methods:

- Online Top-Up

- DBS/POSB account

- Prepaid App

- Top Up via Mobile Postpaid

- Top-Up Cards

- Electronic Top-Ups

- Top-up at authorized retailers

- eTop-up at 7-Eleven and Cheers chain stores

- Self-help channels (OCBC ATMs, POSB/DBS ATMs, AXS Stations, SingPost/SAMs, NETS Self Service Station)

Pros and cons of topping up prepaid cards

Being a convenient way to pay, prepaid cards are gaining popularity fast. They work somehow similar to a prepaid gift card. You spend money from the card until its balance reaches zero after first loading money onto the card, or you can top it up again using a credit card, a bank transfer or cash.

On a prepaid card there is no credit facility, so you cannot get into debt as you can only ever spend what is pre-loaded onto it. For this reason prepaid cards can be safer than credit or debit cards. If someone steal your prepaid card, they are only able to spend the amount existing on it.

Prepaid cards are not credit, so you don't need to worry about your credit history when applying for one. Some prepaid cards wont charge you when you use them overseas and allow you to load them up with foreign currency. This feature makes them perfect for holiday spending.

You can easily and conveniently top up prepaid cards via text messages, the web, the phone or ATMs. This feature make them a potentially attractive option for people who don't want to carry large cash amounts on the move or risk losing their debit or credit card.

Topping up prepaid cards also has some cons. Prepaid cards are not so competitive since they haven't been in circulation as long as credit cards or travellers cheques. Therefore, you should carefully compare cards for fees such as:

- Card application fees

- Top-up charges

- ATM withdrawal fees

- Dormancy fees

- Card renewal or replacement fees

You also must know exactly how to top up your prepaid card. Some allow for top ups online or over the phone, while others can be topped up only face-to-face.

How to Spend your prepaid card and reload?
You've now recently basically changed your cash from one frame (money) into another (prepaid card), utilizing your Visa to acquire a pleasant reserve of rewards focuses on the exchange.

How to Reload the Prepaid cards?
To honestly procure enormously, you have to utilize that prepaid on whatever number of your regular expenditures as is monetarily beneficial so you can reload as frequently as could reasonably be expected. The reloading is the place you acquire the focuses.

How can the prepaid cards be used?
The magnificence with some prepaid is that you can utilize them to pay substantial, repeating bills, for example, lease, home loan or auto instalments - without a charge. Normally, paying these sorts of bills with a charge card acquires expenses from the advance or service organization. In any case, a Bluebird account, for instance, accompanies a no-charge online bill-pay include that sends a check to the payee. It's as though you were paying from a ledger.