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Brits Worry about Travel Money when Abroad

Published on 1 January 1970 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

It is now been confirmed that more than 70% of Brits worry about the amount of money they take when on holiday and is it enough. Brits Worry about Travel Money when Abroad

Brits admit to worrying about money problems even when they are on holiday, new research reveals.

Travel delays, holiday money and the standard of the resort are the things Brits worry about most when on holiday. A Nationwide Building Society report revealed.

Millions of Brits set to spend their hard-earned cash abroad this year. However, the report shows just how stressful many holidaymakers find planning a holiday. Which supposed to be relaxing.

“Going on holiday is supposed to be about relaxing and forgetting all our worries?” said Chris Rhodes, Nationwide’s director of products and marketing.

“Yet this research shows people still worry about their holiday even when they’re on the way to the airport. This is hardly surprising given the tough times the UK has had where much of the nation has had to tighten the purse strings.”

70% of Brits worry about Holiday Money

Travel delays are the biggest worry for holidaymakers with 33 percent admitting this is their biggest concern. Followed by holiday money and the standard of the resort which both account for 21 percent of worries.

While 12 percent of worries surround the possibility of losing passports and 11 percent worry about excess baggage. A further three percent worry about sunburnt.

Travel Prepaid Cards: No Worries

There are many costs you have to think about when going abroad, for example, the cost of renewing an out of date passport.

Renewing a passport costs £77.50 but rises to £129.50. If this left to the last minute and need a one-day premium service so you have it in time for your holiday.

Another top worry is holiday money. However, with a Travel Prepaid Card holidaymakers. Completely take the stress out of having to worry about how much cash to take, and whether to take traveller’s cheques or a credit card see

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