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Published on 9 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Who researches holidays more? Men or Women well women of course and are Keen to Upgrade Their Break. So as holidaymakers are splashing out for upgrades to add more luxury to their break, new research shows.

American Express showed 83 percent of holidaymakers are willing to pay as much as 20 percent extra for upgrades. To their holiday to add more comfort, suggesting budget travel is a thing of the past.

There are more than two million Britons planning to travel overseas during the next couple of weeks, their research shows.

In the last five years, just 39 percent of travellers paid to upgrade their travel experience. Preferring to stay on a tight budget in comparison.

“While people continue to look for holidays that offer value for money, increasingly. Travellers now aspire to a more comfortable and luxurious holidaying experience,” said Julie Hay, American Express, Vice President Cards.

“However, achieving this does not have to come with a hefty price tag. As there are ways to improve your holiday experience without breaking the bank. Such as using a credit card that offers travel rewards.”

The majority, 63 percent, said they would be willing to pay up to 20 percent more on top of the cost of the holiday. A further one in five would pay in excess of this.

Women were found to be more likely to hunt out a bargain, but they are also more likely to upgrade while abroad.

Six percent of people believe bribing employees at the airport or hotel is the best way to secure an upgrade. While other tricks include being polite at check-in, dressing smartly and not wearing trainers, arriving early. And contacting the company in advance to mention you are travelling for a special occasion.

Prepaid Travel Cards overseas charges

If you are planning a holiday this Easter, a prepaid travel card could be a good way to carry your money abroad.

The card used to make purchases either in restaurants, or shops, and cash withdrawn from ATM machines. The rate that you buy the currency will not change throughout the whole time the money is on the card.

Prepaid cards prevent unexpected charges on holiday.

Withdrawing cash abroad can hit holidaymakers with unexpected costs as banks implement debit and credit card charges but prepaid travel cards are being encouraged as an alternative.

According to a new survey, in total holidaymakers pay £260m each year. For taking out cash on their credit and debit cards abroad.

Online travel agent found in their survey that more than half had received a “nasty surprise” on the return from their holiday. In the form of unexpected charges for the withdrawal of cash.

On average, tourists use their cards to withdraw cash five times at a cost of £2.75 on each withdrawal. As a result, bank charges averaged a cost of £13.75 to individuals per trip.

credit card withdrawal fees

Chris Clarkson who is the Co-founder of website sunshine told reporters: "What soul destroying is saving for the holiday of your choice all year round having a fantastic time and then when you get home to be hit in the guts with outrageous charges like credit card withdrawal fees.

"To avoid this situation, What prepaid card recommends taking a prepaid travel money card. So that you have enough spending money on the card and maybe a bit extra. By using and loading a prepaid travel money card means you will not get transaction fees or atm fees and places. Like Paypoint are ideal when you want to load your account with cash.

"Planning is key; work out how much you will need for the duration of your break. And work out the pros and cons of various spending methods. Often, paying on the card is a lot more reasonable."

The fees for using a debit card overseas were described as “extortionate” and complicated by a recent report from consumer watchdog Which?.

Some building societies and banks were charging a third more than others for foreign transactions.

Holidaymakers that are considering a travel money card on their holiday this year? Should research and compare the various currency cards available.

As a more cost-effective alternative, prepaid travel cards expected to encourage holidaymakers to budget their holiday expenditure far more effectively. Whilst avoiding unexpected card charges at the end of the month. check out

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