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Published on 11 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Using your Prepaid card or credit card for overseas spending with No Foreign exchange ATM Fee. It is tough to handle the situation when you are out on a holiday, having a great time with family and you need to withdraw some cash from a No foreign ATM machine. Perhaps to buy some souvenirs for your family members or for another evening’s stay at the hotel.

After getting to the ATM machine overseas, you insert your card, type in the desired pin number and wait for the amount. However, your card might not be working abroad because the machine rejects the transaction. This definitely causes a little holiday stress.

Most of the Prepaid card or credit cards are valid for use abroad since they are either MasterCards or Visa, the two world's leading payment processing firms. Both the logos are acceptable worldwide, and are therefore useful in all emergency situations.

However, debit cards do not have such benefits for overseas use and many use payment processing firms that are not well known abroad as visa cards. . These days, many tourists choose to make their payments using pre-paid cards that can be loaded with the currency of the user’s destination country and allow him to spend on the trip.

Using your credit cards for overseas spending

If you fall into issues with your credit cards during your holiday time- such as stuck with cash machine or misplace of card or theft then, you can get your card blocked. With numerous financial institutions having branches in the areas that are well known to tourists, sorting out any issue with your Prepaid card or credit card can be easy.

It is advisable to carry the numbers of different financial institutions on your holiday so that, you are able to help yourself in case you stuck in some financial problem. Also, keeping cash as well as pre-paid cards ensures that you have a backup in case things go wrong with any one of your options.

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