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Published on 4 March 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Prepaid Credit Cards - How Can You Use The Card Most Wisely And Sensibly?

The concept of a prepaid card is simple; it involves putting cash on the card and then using it to withdraw money or make purchases. Once the cash has been spent and the balance reaches 0, the card can't be used to withdraw any money or make purchases.

Much like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, a prepaid card is simple and easy to use. A survey by Which? Money found that three quarters of people have heard of prepaid cards yet only 3% of people own one. The research however found that 13% of people would consider getting one

One of the real benefits of these cards is that the charges associated with prepaid credit cards is not as high as those of the rates of credit cards and APRs.

Compare Prepaid Credit Cards UK fees online.

In order to use a prepaid credit card you will need to have adequate funds loaded on to your card.

Making use of the ATM feature is a very good option that you can consider. You can draw cash amounts in times of emergencies as and when required. You must go through the fine print, to get an idea if any extra amounts are charged for offering ATM facilities. You must take out considerable amount of time to go through the formal legalities, terms and conditions.

You must also enquire if any charges are levied if money is withdrawn from a bank that is not affiliated with the issuing financial institution. In that case you must know about the affiliates of the issuing bank to know about "friendly" ATMs.

The prepaid credit cards are truly assets in your wallet that can be used for renting cars, shopping, in restaurants, for withdrawing cash from the ATM. Those who are trying to cut down on unnecessary expenses truly benefits from the use of these kinds of cards for the card owner cannot spend anything extra than the total money he has.

To be able to use the prepaid credit cards sensibly you can log into the websites and develop a better understanding about the advantages associated with use of the cards.

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