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Splash Plastic Prepaid Card

Published on 1 April 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Splash Plastic Prepaid Card

Splash Plastic launched in 2001, and was the first prepaid card on offer in the UK. Since then, we have seen a number of new prepaid card programs launch, most aimed at specific consumer groups, ranging from specialist prepaid travel cards to cards that actually help consumers repair their credit rating.

But, Splash Plastic remains one of the most recognisable prepay cards on offer today, and whilst it may be the original, it does have some advantages over many other leading prepaid cards.

Gambling / paying online

Splash Plastic can be used for gambling and gaming online and what’s more its Maestro functionality means you incur much lower fees than MasterCard or Visa products used for the same purposes. Maestro consistently incurs the lowest fees for payment processing (usually free) so your winnings are really your winnings.

Getting your well earned winnings back onto your card, so you can go and purchase your partner a nice gift to say sorry for sitting on the gambling website all night, is also free in most cases.

The same applies elsewhere on the net; the Maestro badge on a card such as Splash means you will find paying for items incurs a minimum of surcharges. For example, if you were to book cinema tickets on a prepaid MasterCard, you may find that the retailer adds a small surcharge. Generally, this will not be the case with a Maestro branded product, as the card operates on the MasterCard debit network, and is a more cost effective transaction for the retailer to accept (when compared to fully branded MasterCard or Visa cards operating on the Credit network.)

Holiday Spending

Splash Plastic fees are generally lower than many high street banks when spending abroad. A prepaid card like Splash Plastic would charge a percentage of the transaction as a fee, whereas high street banks frequently charge both a percentage (during the conversion) and a fixed transaction fee on top. Splash allows you to spend wherever you see the increasingly popular Maestro symbol: including ATM machines anywhere in the world. Understandably, you might not want to put your credit or debit card in one because you don’t feel comfortable with the fee structure or the possibility of fraud, but with a prepaid card like Splash your bank details aren’t linked to the card, meaning that there is no chance of your credit or overdraft being hijacked by a fraudster.

You can read more about the Splash Plastic card be visiting their website

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