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Ryanair passengers as airline partners with Moneycorp

Published on 2 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Savings on currency for Ryanair passengers as airline partners with Moneycorp

Ryanair passengers can now opt to have their foreign currency delivered straight to their door after the budget airline announced it has teamed up with foreign exchange specialists Moneycorp.

The partnership means that Ryanair passengers can now access currency exchange services through the company’s website and have their currency delivered to their home – whilst making savings.

Moneycorp, which traded £11 billion in currencies on behalf of its clients last year, aims to beat competitor rates and offer travellers who fly with the low-cost airline the best deals on their currency.

With guaranteed better-than-high-street rates, Ryanair passengers can now earn an extra €20 for every £500 spent.

Another way to stockpile savings is to reduce the overall cost of your holiday by using a travel money card when overseas.

“Ryanair is delighted to partner with Moneycorp to ensure our UK passengers can bag yet another bargain and make huge savings on their foreign exchange transactions,” said Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara.

Moneycorp’s Tracey Tivnan said: “One of the UK’s fastest growing foreign exchange companies, Moneycorp will ensure that Ryanair customers are getting the best possible deal for their pounds by beating competitor rates day after day.

“We consistently deliver the best rates for travellers who are able to earn an additional €20 for every £500 worth of currency purchased online. Currency is delivered through Royal Mail Special Delivery, with free next-day delivery for orders over £500.”

This follows the news that after record advance bookings, Ryanair announced over 350,000 extra seats on over 2,000 extra ‘Christmas’ flights across 300 routes.

High bookings on flights to ski destinations Grenoble, Salzburg and Turin have prompted Ryanair to add extra flights this Christmas.


Austria is renowned for its excellent skiing conditions. It’s hard to say whether it is the good condition of the slopes, the striking landscape or the hot springs which attract crowds from all over Europe – and that’s not all Salzburg has to offer.

Snow-capped mountains, baroque splendour and horse-drawn carriage rides through the cobbled centre are just a few of the reasons why this beautiful city should top your list of winter destinations.

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