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1 million new customers for Santander

Published on 14 October 2014 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Bank account for Santander

How many New customers do Santander have? It's a momentous milestone for Santander's bank account business. The firm says one million new UK accounts have been opened over the course of 2009 under its Alliance & Leicester and Abbey brands.

Among the products to have been taken out this year are the Alliance & Leicester Premier Direct Current Account, which offers 0.5 per cent interest and free annual European travel insurance.

The firm's portfolio of banking products currently includes the Abbey Reward Bank Account, a packaged deal which offers six per cent interest, car breakdown cover and travel insurance.

A Santander boss, Alison Britain, says it's a "significant achievement to open one million new current accounts in a year in the UK" - especially when us Brits are sometimes hesitant when it comes to moving our primary bank account.

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