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73% said they intend to cut the cost of their winter break

Published on 4 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Brits to cut costs on winter holidays this season as almost three quarters of Brits going on ski holidays this year intend to spend less, as they try to make their money go further.

Research from Sainsbury’s Travel Money has found that many people are giving up on the idea of a ski holiday altogether this year.

As little as one in five people who have skied before are intending to go this year, the research has revealed.

And of those who are hitting the slopes this year, 73% said they intend to cut the cost of their winter break.

The research found that 28% will cut costs by bringing a packed lunch on to the slopes, rather than eat in mountain restaurants.

A further 26% intend to stay in cheaper accommodation, with 23% opting for a cheaper resort to save money.

“Skiing is an expensive sport and in a time of financial uncertainty it seems that many enthusiasts are being forced to either forgo their holiday or try to find ways of reducing the cost of their trip,” said David Barrett of Sainsbury's Travel Money.

“Skiers and snowboarders should also look to reduce the cost in other ways such as shopping around for the most competitive rates on their travel money and arrange it as far in advance as they can.”

Travel money cards are a good way to save money while abroad. Using a pre paid travel money card will save money by avoiding expensive bank charges and foreign ATM withdrawal charges.

Sainsbury’s Travel Money offers customers several products, including Travelers’ Cheques and the Cash Passport pre-paid money card.

There are a range of other travel money cards available, which offer free cash withdrawals from foreign ATMs.

These include Escape Travel Money Card from Phones4U, the My Travel Cash Multi Currency Card, and the Travelex Cash Passport Dollar Card.

Plus New research has shown that a large number of Brits forget to pack at least one item when they go on holiday, which is costing Britons £118 million in total each year. According to a study conducted by the Sainsbury’s Travel Money, 41% of Brits forget to pack at least one item for every holiday

The findings show that nearly 15 million holiday essentials are left behind by holidaymakers every year.

With so many holiday essentials being left behind, holidaymakers have no other choice but to purchase their much-needed items abroad. Replacing missing belongings is costing Brits £118 million in total.

Holidaymakers have said they tend to forget items due to ‘suitcase haste’ as Brits find it difficult to find the time to pack effectively.

Shoes are the most commonly forgotten item, followed by mobile phone chargers and sun cream.

Following sun cream on the forgettable items list are holiday books, glasses, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a mobile phone, flip flops and more worryingly, a passport.

Sainsbury’s Travel Money UK, said: “We were surprised to discover that so many British holidaymakers are forgetting their holiday essentials.”

Despite some holidaymakers leaving behind everyday items when jetting off on holiday, some travellers will make sure their favourite foods are not forgotten with some packing pork pies and brown sauce.

The Post Office recently revealed research which indicated Spain as one of the cheapest holiday destinations to replace belongings that had been left behind.

The cost of 20 household items for a family of four jetting off for one week was compared within the report.

The findings showed that the essential items would cost £56.67 in Mallorca, but purchasing the same items would cost holidaymakers £104.29 in Cyprus.

With many people forgetting essential items on holiday, it is important that consumers budget for such purchases abroad.

It is good for holidaymakers to put enough money on a travel card to cover the cost of unexpected expenses.

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