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PrePay Technologies Win Prepaid Award

Published on 3 May 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

PrePay Technologies win Best Usage/Expansion Program award at MasterCard Prepaid Conference in Prague

Splash plastic prepaid MasterCard

PrePay Technologies Limited, the market leader in Stored Value prepaid card solutions based in London, were amongst the first winners of the MasterCard Europe Prepaid Awards announced at the inaugural MasterCard Prepaid Conference in Prague.

The Prepaid Awards have been established to recognise excellence and innovation in the prepaid card segment of the European payments industry. The four categories for the 2006/7 Prepaid Awards were Best Newcomer, Best Usage/Expansion Programme, Best Multi-Channel Marketing Programme and Best Cardholder Service.

The Best Usage/Expansion Programme 2006/7 was presented to PrePay Technologies for its 360 money Mirror Quidity Card; a pay-as-you-go prepaid Maestro® card designed for those who want visibility, autonomy and control over their spending with the convenience associated with a top-up card.

Amit Sharma, Corporate Marketing Manager at PrePay Technologies commented "We are extremely proud to have received this award at the inaugural MasterCard Prepaid Conference. The award is deserved recognition for the ground breaking innovation and business growth opportunities brought forth by the Mirror Quidity prepaid card programme for the Mirror Group Newspapers".

What the judges said:

"PrePay Technologies is a much deserved MasterCard Prepaid Award winner for its 360 money Mirror Quidity Card. 360 money is Britain's biggest prepay network, and a 360 money prepaid card account gives consumers complete control of their finances and the freedom to buy online. It is a great example of a convenient and secure payment solution."

Other innovative solutions under the 360money network include the Splash Plastic prepaid debit card and Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank prepaid cards. The Mirror Quidity programme is a variation of the Splash Plastic prepaid card programme, a flagship "direct to consumer" solution developed by PrePay Technologies to illustrate all the innovation and functionality available on the 360money prepay network.

Philippe Dufour, Chief Executive Officer at PrePay Technologies stated "This is an exciting accolade for PrePay Technologies. This is further proof that the prepaid card sector is playing a major role in extending the opportunities for businesses to interact with their consumers beyond traditional channels and represents major business extension opportunities."

The Quidity programme uses the know-how developed through PrePay Technologies’ experiences with Splash Plastic, the UK's first and original reloadable prepaid Maestro Card giving users complete control of their money and their spending along with the freedom to choose how and where without the risk of debt and reduced exposure to fraud.

PrePay Technologies recently became the first e-money financial institution in UK to become principal issuer for MasterCard.

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