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News on Prepaid and Currency Exchange

Published on 5 December 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

News on Prepaid and Currency Exchange

Foreign exchange is tricky, even to people who exchange currency on a daily basis. When you have to juggle different buying and selling rates as well as commissions, things can quickly become confusing. It’s easy to make unnecessary losses if you do not have the right tools and guidance.

The good news is that currency exchange can be made simple. You can skip the cues, the commissions, and secure good exchange rates by ordering your money using prepaid currency exchange cards.


Prepaid currency exchange especially works best for travelers. It’s the smart way to get the best foreign exchange rates for multiple currencies. US dollars, British pounds, Euros, Canadian dollars, Mexican pesos, and the Japanese yen are the most readily available currencies with most prepaid exchange cards. There are plenty other currencies as well. It depends on your travel and currency needs.

If you frequently shuttle between Europe and North America, it makes sense to do your currency exchange using a prepaid travel card. The biggest benefit is that your rates are locked in at the time of loading the cash so you are shielded from any volatility that may possibly cause a sudden loss.

Of course, as a traveler, you don’t want to load all your money on a prepaid currency card. You can carry some amount of local currency for smaller expenses and then load the larger amount on a card.

Overseas property buyers

When you’re buying a large sum of foreign currency - such as when making a purchase for a property - the effect of unstable exchange rates and greedy traders can bite really hard. Prepaid currency exchange saves the day any time, anywhere.

When buying property overseas, getting a good currency exchange deal should be your top priority. Take advantage of the fact that the amount you are exchanging is high. By using a prepaid currency service, your cash will be protected from potential losses due to exchange rate fluctuations, in addition to getting a good deal.


Expats are frequent buyers of foreign currencies as their jobs require them to stay in foreign countries for extended periods of time.

When you going to be using foreign currency for long, a bit of planning ahead goes a long way to keeping your exchange fees and commissions low. You start by learning about the payment methods in the foreign country you will be living so that you know how to order for your prepaid currency service.

Make the most of Prepaid currency card

When you apply for a card, be sure to familiarize with all the terms and conditions. Most cards charge a small fee for their use. What’s more, some cards charge you for any savings you make on the exchange rates.

Watch foreign exchange movements before loading the card. Make the most of these favorable rates when they favor you.

Wrapping Up

Exchange rate markets can be volatile and fiercely competitive. Fortunately, prepaid currency exchange provides a reasonable shield to many uncertainties in the currency exchange market that can cause you to lose money.

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