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Published on 13 December 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Even though a prepaid card looks like a credit card, you should not mistake. They are two different cards. Even though a prepaid card has a long card number, a chip, magnetic stripe and a pin code, it is different from a credit card. This card is the right choice for people who are currently paying for goods, imports, buying items among others. These cards were created due to a possible credit crisis and financial situations that eliminated unsecured credit cards for users with bad credit.

These cards are great and useful especially if you want to control your expenses. There is a good number of people who overspend their money and finally regret it. This card isn’t linked to your local bank account. Once you exhaust the preloaded money, you need to load it again to continue using it. It is an excellent way to control your spending.

Prepaid allows you to load your card with a certain amount of money then use it to make purchases. These cards are commonly used in the UK and USA. They help business people, tourists, holidaymakers, and individuals to make purchases and pay bills. These cards aren’t limited to buying expensive goods like boats, personal jets, and card among others. They are very efficient, and you can load a huge amount of money. As soon as you exhaust all the money in the card, you can’t make any other purchase or withdraw the money. This is how it controls your spending.

This card acts as pay as you go mobile phones. You can only use minutes and texts that you have bought with a PAYG phone card. The same applies to prepaid cards. Some prepaid cards are actually called, Pay as to you cards. Every time you use all the money in a prepaid card, the card becomes useless until you load some more cash onto the card.

The best thing about this card is that there are no credit checks involved during application. The money you’re loading is rightfully yours, and there is no process. It is simple and convenient. Many people have benefited a lot with this prepaid card since you can make purchases anywhere in the world. This card offers you a sense of freedom. You can shop anywhere and buy anything. People, who operate businesses abroad, can use this card to carry salaries of employees and cash for bills and paying for stock and imports. You can choose to either withdraw the money or buy goods.

Loading your card with cash is not a big deal. You can opt to load it using an ATM or visit any outlet that offers the service. Alternatively, you can text, email, or phone your card supplier and ask them to load money onto your prepaid card. This can be done from anywhere. The service offered by these cards is safe and convenient. Every person has a chance to manage his/her finances by purchasing this card. If you travel or operate a business, it is important you purchase a prepaid card. They are offered by different companies; some have application fee while others don’t. You can choose the best and most appropriate and effective.

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