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Published on 29 March 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Orange launches contactless prepaid cash card

  • Contactless Orange prepaid MasterCard allows customers to make small payments instantly.
  • Orange Cash customers earn points every time they spend.
  • Contactless provided by MasterCard PayPass. Orange contactless prepaid card makes purchases of £15 or under.

Orange announced the latest prepaid MasterCard to hit the market, the Orange Cash is one of UK’s major contactless prepaid MasterCard card. Allowing customers to take total control of their spending, the orange cash card is a secure alternative to carrying around cash and can be used in over 31 million locations that accept MasterCard within the UK and abroad, as well as online.

The Orange prepaid MasterCard is a flexible ‘pay-as-you-go’ debit MasterCard. It can be used at over 31 million retail outlets worldwide and you get over 5000 discounts when you use your card.

  • Accepted worldwide where ever you see the MasterCard Brandmark.
  • 100% Acceptance Guaranteed*. No Credit Checks, No Bank Account required.
  • Shop online, over the phone or in store with peace of mind.
  • Reloadable at 34,000 Pay Zone outlet, Barclays and HSBC banks across the UK.
  • Getting an orange card is 100% Acceptance Guaranteed* subject to the applicant being a UK Resident, and 18 years or older and able to provide acceptable identification.

You control your spending like you would a basic bank account. You add money as normal and just spend what you have. You can even deposit your salary into your Orange basic bank account for free. or you can set up a regular standing order and deposit regular sums directly from your bank for free. If you have cash deposits to add just go to any PayZone retail outlet or your nearest HSBC or Barclays bank.

Using your Orange prepaid cash card overseas is simple plus you can book your flights, hotel with your card to get special offers and discounts, Orange prepaid cash card is an alternative way to carrying cash and acts as a cash ATM card so you stay in total control.

By using the mobile app you can monitor your Orange cash card account in total freedom from 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The mobile app is not the only way you can manage online, telephone services or by SMS balance alerts.

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