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British travel trends as One third travel with no insurance

Published on 1 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

A third of travellers have no insurance

After conducting a survey of 4,000 passengers Ryanair has found that over a third fly to a foreign country without travel insurance. The airline reveals these and other interesting findings on British travel trends.

Among other conclusions the Irish airline Ryanair revealed that 46% of Brits held annual or multi-trip insurance and one in five (19%) purchased single trip cover. However, a majority of 82% of travellers with insurance didn’t know if their policy offered ski, business travel or sports (golf) cover.

Of those who travelled without insurance, Ryanair results show that 90% of them were unaware that medical repatriation flights could cost them over €18,000 (£15,720).

In addition, the airline stated that Ryanair travel insurance paid an average of €2,200 (£1,921) for medical expense claims last year and reminded its passengers that they can protect their holiday, possessions and health for very affordable prices.

Next October Ryanair is launching its own prepaid credit card in association with MasterCard and Access Prepaid Worldwide. The airline claims that it will have many benefits for travellers and consumers. Some of the features of the card will include no transaction fees on cardholders for any payments made on the website.

Brits don’t want to pay for travel insurance

Further research by the leading insurance company AA Travel Insurance reaffirms those trends published by Ryanair. Its figures showed that a quarter (24%) of travellers say they will go on their holiday without insurance; a third of them (33%) don't even think insurance is really necessary and 22% think the cost of cover is too high. – who is this research by? Add in their name and link to it if we already have it on the website.

In fact, more than half of Brits (58%) did not go on a holiday overseas this summer. The majority of them said they simply cannot afford it.

If you also consider they cost of your holiday does not leave room for paying for travel insurance, there are some financial products such as travel money cards or prepaid cards, which can help you to go on holiday on a pre-established budget.

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