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Monarch Airlines Scrap Credit Card

Published on 1 February 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Monarch Airlines Scrap Credit Card

The controversial reasons most British airlines charge credit processing fees for flights paid via either credit or debit cards has been around for a while. But you longer have to grapple with these costs while in the Queensland as airliners start slashing these fees. It started with Jet 2 in 2015, and now the pressure has caught up with the rest.

Late December 2016, Monarch Airlines, a British low-cost airline announced plans to slash off these fees immediately. Initially, the airline charged the higher of 3% and £5 for every flight booking paid via a credit card. Today, however, all flight and holiday bookings made and paid via either credit or debit card through the Monarch Airlines website won’t attract any processing fee. The company argues that while traveling as a group or family of four, you could save the upwards of £60 on the flight.

Following suit Monarch Airlines Credit Card

Starting February 2017, British Airlines, a low-cost airline that doesn’t charge for flight booking payments via debit cards will adopt the same for the credit cards. The airline is set to effectively abolish the £5 charge per ticket paid by a credit card. The per-ticket charge will instead be replaced by a 1% fee of the total ticket price capped at a maximum of £20 per trip.

Depending on the number of people you are traveling with and your perception of these charges, you the credit card charge news for airlines can help you arrive at a decision on what airline to use. The recent competition in cutting down and abolishing these credit card charges has further fueled the embers of a dying debate as to why most airlines charge credit card fees.

Reasons behind the Monarch Airlines Credit Card fees for airlines

While such travel companies in the UK like Monarch, Jet2, Virgin Atlantic, and British Airways abolish and cut down on credit card fees, others have remained adamant. Leading with such charges are Easyjet that charges 1% plus £13 as an administration fee, FlyBe with 3%, and RyanAir that’s still glued to their 2% charge. These companies also explained their need to retain the fees.

In defense, these companies dissociate themselves from benefiting from any of the processing fees arguing that they only pass the direct costs charged by the card processing companies and banks. But with the abolished interchange fees’ by the European Union in 2015 that made up almost 70 percent of the processing fees, experts feel the airliners are shortchanging their clients. Most of these companies were also unable to explain why their card charges extend way above the average 0.6 percent processing fees charged by most card issuers.

Why use Monarch Airlines Credit Card?

Despite the associated processing fees, credit cards guarantee convenience and financial protection. For instance, if anything goes wrong, you can claim money back for tickets exceeding £100.

Bottom line

The new wave of credit card charge abolition in the UK up to your travel convenience as you can comfortably pay with your card free of charge. Going into 2017, be on the lookout as more airlines in England and Europe at large will most probably bow to the fee abolition pressure, making your travels even cheaper.

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