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On average Nearly Half of us will travel this year

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More Than Half Of Brits Will Travel Abroad This Year

New research from what prepaid card has concluded that more than half of Brits will go abroad on holiday this year, and this figure rises to almost 60% for those aged between 18 and 24 years old.

Short haul trips to Europe prove to be the most popular type of holiday as 49% of travellers surveyed said they were doing this.

The research by Lloyds TSB found that 55 % of 35 to 44 year olds will be taking short trips to Europe rather than the traditional two week break.

The key reason for taking time off is to relax and get away from everyday life. The research found that 37% of young adults want to experience new countries and cultures as a main reason for travelling.

Richard Thomas, In charge of Loyalty for Prepaid Cards at Lloyds TSB, said:

"This study concluded that UK citizens want and enjoy holidays that produce a relaxation result plus resting the brain but still want adventure with trills at the right price which will fuel Britons' have a love affair with water sports, jumping from planes and hi speed jetting equipment overseas.”

Only 8% of Brits said they were going somewhere cheap as the main motivation for choosing a holiday. Yet new also figures suggest that people are spending more money abroad.

MSN money found that 32% of people traveling abroad will spend, on average, an extra £365 each. This figure includes meals out, alcohol, entertainment, attractions, taxis and souvenirs.

With more people spending money it could be worth safeguarding your cash. What ever the reason for your holiday this summer, be sure to enjoy it and get peace of mind with travel money cards.

A travel money card is the new way of carrying money abroad, whether it be for a family holiday or a business trip, a travel prepaid card can save you money and help you budget more effectively.

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