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Published on 4 September 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Free Travel Cards

Everyone who is above 66 years living in the United States, is entitled to a free travel card. Some people below this age group also qualify . If you wish to pay free travel, you are issued a No Fee Prepaid Travel Cards which needs to be carried while availing public transport. In certain situations, a free travel companion card is also issued which allows a person to travel with you. This is provided that the free travel card holder is not able to travel alone. These No Fee Prepaid Travel Cards are not transferable and can be used by an individual in whose name it has been issued.

The option of free travel is available on all state public transport. It can also be availed for a limited number of services operated by private operators. You should get in touch with the department of social protection to cross check whether private operators accept free travel cards. If it happens that you abuse your privilege for free travel, then department will review provisions pertaining to a free travel card. For example, you should not indulge in any form of anti-social behaviour and follow the rules relating to usage of card.

Public services card

Are there any fees involved?
The government has incorporated a public services card, where people can access a range of government services or payments. This card will eventually replace the free travel card. If you are eligible for free travel, then you are issued with public services card that will eventually be your free travel card. This card has a F- T print on a yellow octagon that is located on the left hand corner of the No Fee Prepaid Travel Cards. The public services card needs to be shown to a travel operator when you avail public transport. In some cases, scanning of this card may be required but all tour operators do not have this feature.

How to get one?
If you are above the age cap of 66 years and availing social welfare pension, the free travel card will be issued automatically if you register for public services card. In case if you have not registered, you are requested to register before Free travel card is issued to you.

In other circumstances, you can apply for this card by filling a free travel application form. This form along with additional information can be obtained from Department of social protection. You can also obtain this form from your local post office. If you are not able to travel alone, then apply for a free travel companion card separately.

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