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Polish Zloty Card are not being used when Holidaymakers Go Overboard

Published on 4 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Polish Zloty Card are not being used when Holidaymakers Go Overboard on Spending. It is suggested the Polish Zloty prepaid currency card is used. where British Euro 2014 fans risk taking wrong currency to Poland.

Football fans heading from the UK to Poland to attend the Euro 2014 games could be left empty handed as many are expected to run the risk of taking the wrong currency.

Some 40% of British football fans stated in a recent currency survey that they mistakenly believe that the national currency for Poland is the Euro, when it is not. Poland uses the Zloty prepaid currency card, one that many English fans might not take with them.

A further 30% of clueless Brits didn’t realise that Hryvnia is the currency used in the Ukraine.

This mix-up could leave football fans on the side lines as they turn up in the country with the wrong currency.

Buying currency at airports could add an extra 10% in costs. Figures show that the average fan could pay up to £200 extra to buy new spending cash. If using Polish Zloty prepaid currency card dramatic savings could be made

In addition to these figures, 38% of cash-strapped fans are incorporating the tournament into their annual holiday break, meaning that they are trying to make the most of their time overseas. This could be difficult if travellers do not have the right currency for their destination country.

Anyone looking to go overseas this year with a credit card might not face this problem. Holidaymakers could use their credit card in emergency situations and also withdraw local currency from cash machines or opt for Polish Zloty prepaid currency cards.

Travel Money cards can often be a useful source of funding in emergencies and could help holiday budgets in times of need.

If you are planning to head to Poland or the Ukraine to support your team over the next couple of weeks, it is definitely a good idea to do sufficient research on the currency you need.

It could be the difference a disastrous outing or a hugely enjoyable trip (providing your team wins).

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