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Published on 8 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Currencies Direct Euro Card

Safe and economical, the prepaid Euro currency card gives you control over your holiday budget.

"Almost all credit cards charge three - 3.5 per cent on top of all foreign purchases (that's - on,000), while travel money cards do not charge any surcharge on purchases made on the card - as long as you spend in the right currency," Said Jose Ivars-Lopez from Currencies Direct.

The prepaid euro currency card from Currencies Direct is the safest, easiest and most economical way to take your money on holiday. More than 80% of our existing cardholders have re-loaded their cards saving an average of £100 to spend on their holidays.

Consumers say no more to using card abroad

Paying fees to access your own money abroad is the biggest gripe Brits have about their bank, a new survey has revealed. With ATM charges being the biggest gripe These hidden costs of travel were criticized by a staggering 57.6% of consumers, while the fact that banks are often closed when you need them was listed as the second major irritant (28.4%).

ATM charges of up to £2 per withdrawal and less-than-favourable exchange rates when shopping overseas make using UK-issued plastic an expensive option for holiday makers.

“The big high street financial institutions happily promote the ease of using UK debit and credit cards abroad, but it is disingenuous to highlight convenience without talking about the exorbitant charges,” Jose Ivars-Lopez from Currencies Direct added.

Just over one-quarter of consumers said they had no complaints whatsoever about their bank (27%), though this figure is tempered slightly by the 3.9% who refuse to have an account at all. Also criticized was the way banks make it easy to slip into the red and clock up charges, with 10.2% of consumers complaining they don’t trust themselves to live within their means and not get hit with overdraft charges.

With currency cards, such as the Travel Money Card from Currencies Direct, holiday makers can avoid fees when spending or withdraw cash overseas. Card holders load the card with cash in advance, meaning they are unable to spend money they don’t have and don’t lose their hard-earned cash in fees and charges.

So don't let rip-off exchange rates at bureaux de change ruin your holiday. Currencies Direct have introduced a Prepaid Currency Card – you can load it up with Euros before you travel, so you know exactly what your holiday spending money has cost you. You can also budget your expenditure better as you can’t spend more than you’ve loaded on the card and you can review all your transactions online. There's no loading fee, no commission, and a highly competitive exchange rate, so your holiday money goes further.

Why risk carrying cash on holiday when you can load euros onto your prepaid card which is protected by chip and pin security? You can draw money from thousands of ATMs abroad or use the card in shops, restaurants or leisure facilities just as you would use your debit card in the UK. Any funds left on the card at the end of the holiday can simply be left on it ready to use on your next trip.

When you want to top-up the currency card you can do this over the phone, either before you travel, or from your destination if required. You can also reload the currency card online 24/7 wherever you are in the world. There's no top-up fee and no commission so you could use it a virtual piggy bank to save money for your next holiday.

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