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Croatian currency beats off European rivals for British affections**

Published on 1 August 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Croatian currency beats off European rivals for British affections

Along with Bulgaria Iceland and Switzerland, Croatia’s currency was one of only three ‘hotspot’ European destinations to feature in the June-August 2017 growth top ten. According to research though, Mexico hits the holiday top spot with growth totalling 144%.

The recently published version of the ‘Fastest Growing Currencies’ report, from Post Office Travel Money, shows that Croatia has trumped its European rivals for the third year running in the race to attract UK tourists.

The Croatian Kuna is the only currency to have featured in the annual Post Office ‘Fastest Growing Currencies’ table for the past three years - this year moving up to fourth place after a 15% sales increase for June-August 2017 compared with last summer.

As the report reveals, the Croatian Kuna sales for June-August 2017 were 54% higher than purchases of the Bulgarian Lev. As a result, Croatia (no.7) has moved well ahead of Bulgaria (no.9) in the main bestsellers list.

Mexico is the Fastest Growing Currency

Despite the Croatian dominance in Europe, Mexico was undoubtedly the runaway winner in the ‘Fastest Growing Currencies’ summer survey.

With demand fuelled by low-cost all-inclusive deals and direct BA flights to Cancun, Mexico saw a record growth of 144% compared with a year ago. This took the Latin-American country into the Post Office's top 20 bestselling currencies for the first time, at number 19.

Aside from Mexico, research reveals that after last year's Latin-American surge led by Brazil; this year's surprise success has been Argentina.

With a year-on-year sales increase of 120%, the Argentinean Peso was second only to Mexico in the growth table. Like Mexico, its success may have been stimulated by the introduction of a direct BA service to Buenos Aires earlier in 2017.

Wherever you intend to go, travel money cards are always a good idea if you want to use your money wisely during your holidays.

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