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Published on 28 March 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Credit Card Tips from the Experts

Credit cards have the potential to be useful tools, or dangerous enemies. The best way to understand the right ways to utilise these cards, is to amass a substantial body of knowledge about them. Use the advice in this piece wisely, and you have the ability to take control of your own financial future.

Do not use your credit card to make purchases or everyday items like a trip food shopping at the supermarket. Doing this can quickly become a habit and you can end up racking your debts quite quickly. The best thing to do is to use your debit card and save the credit card for larger purchases. An exception to this is if you get cashback from your card provider and pay the balance off every month.

When making purchases with your cards you should stick to buying items that you need instead of buying those that you want. Buying luxury items with credit cards is one of the easiest ways to get into debt. If it is something that you can live without you should avoid charging it.

To help you get the maximum value from your credit card, choose a card which provides rewards based on the amount of money you spend. Many credit card rewards programs will give you up to two percent of your spending back which can make your purchases much more economical.

If you have multiple cards that have a balance on them, you should avoid getting new cards. Even if you are paying everything back on time, there is no reason for you to take the chance of getting another card and making your financial situation any more strained than it already is.

Whenever you are considering a new credit card, you should always avoid applying for ones that have high interest rates. While interest rates compounded annually may not seem all that much, it is important to note that this interest can add up, and add up fast. Make sure you get a card with reasonable interest rates.

Before you accept a credit card, fully read the disclosure statement. This statement explains the terms of use for that card, including any associated interest rates and late fees. This way you can understand the card you are choosing, in order to make effective decisions when it comes to paying it off.

In order to save money on a purchase, do not sign up for store cards. Often times, the amount you will pay for annual fees, interest or other charges, will easily be more than any savings you will get that day. Avoid the trap, by just saying no in the first place.

Sometimes, when people use their credit cards, they forget that the charges on these cards are just like taking out a loan. You will have to pay back the money that was fronted to you by the financial institution that gave you the credit card. It is important not to run up credit card bills that are so large that it is impossible for you to pay them back.

Far too many people have gotten themselves into precarious financial straits, because of credit cards. The best way to avoid falling into this trap, is to have a thorough understanding of the different ways these cards can be used in a financially responsible way. Put the tips in this article to work, and you can become a truly savvy consumer.

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