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ClearCash launches card design as spring sales soar

Published on 29 March 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Prepaid MasterCard, ClearCash, has launched a new, more contemporary design for their card as they reach record numbers. ClearCash which launched in June 2009, is now considered one of the most recognised Prepaid cards on the market and proves extremely popular with consumers who use it to load their salaries and manage their monthly expenditure through the free ClearCash BudgetMaster tool.

The ClearCash BudgetMaster links directly with spending on the ClearCash card so users can see at any time, whether they are under or over spending based on their targeted budget.

Operations Director, Samuel Mond, comments:

The team at ClearCash are really excited about the developments taking place within the company and the speed at which we are growing. The new design celebrates a change in approach to prepaid cards and the way consumers are now using them. We are busier than ever. People are beginning to see the benefits of ClearCash – using it as an everyday money manager – similar to a bank account, but without the risk or worry about ever going overdrawn.

ClearCash offers a Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go tariff. For more information on ClearCash call 08712 884 677.

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