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Published on 16 November 2017 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Free Prepaid Cards with No Transaction Fees

Free Prepaid Cards with No Transaction Fees: Choose The Perfect Card?
Nowadays owning a card is virtually all you need if you are to do any serious transaction. Nothing is even better than owning a card that respects your accounts; your pockets. Presently, there are several institutions that have joined the elite world and produce their cards. This doesn't, however, mean that they are all affordable and cheap to transact. In fact, initially, you had to pay some amount just to get the card then the transaction costs - expenses that you can completely avoid these days! Below are some of the free prepaid cards with no fees.

American Express Bluebird

This card offers much more than the normal average prepaid debit cards and what is, even more, is that it charges no regular fees. It has no monthly charges with zero costs for activation or inactivity; it requires no credit check. Bluebird has no transaction fees for purchases. At ATMs in the money pass network withdrawals are free but charges $2.50 on any other ATMs plus the ATM operator fee if any. The downside, however, is that it offers no bank transfers and no cash back at retailers. Secondly, it is offered by the American express which isn't accepted everywhere.

Movo virtual prepaid visa card

By the term virtual, it means that you can do your transactions online but there is also a physical card for ATM withdrawals, purchases, and even cash back at retailers. The Movo has several services including free ATM network among others. The Movo visa card has no monthly charges, no costs for activation or inactivity. It also requires no credit check. For purchases, no fee is charged. For about 6000 ATMs within the Visa Plus Alliance network, withdrawals are free. It charges $2 for other ATMs and $1 for declined ATM transactions.

Kaiku prepaid visa card

Kaiku is quite a new entrant in the market but it promises a lot with regards to the prepaid card usage. The card has no activation fee, no usage fee; card declination fee and currency conversion fees are zero. The best part is that the users have absolute access to at least 55000 Allpoint ATMs which are surcharge-free. All these for a monthly fee of only $3! If you make a deposit of over $750 a month, you receive a waiver. The huge network of ATMs and the low transactions costs make it the best choice for individuals who make several small purchases over the month and those who use cash often.

American express serve
The American express serve is best for its low costs and offers several options to avoid fees or even the additional cash. When you directly deposit or load your card with more than $500 a month, you get a waiver of the monthly fee. The fee is normally $1 or less. One unique feature of this card is that you can set up sub-accounts and perhaps set their spending limits - which is good for a family. American Express Prepaid Credit Cards with No Fees requires no credit check, has no minimum balance nor hidden fees. You can make free withdrawals at more than 24000 ATMs nationwide. You can also pay your bills online for free with the American express serve.

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