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Published on 6 April 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

CaxtonFX announce $2 for £1 on prepaid currency card

Release: 7 March 08

For the first time, travellers can pre buy spending money at the magic two dollar rate, load it onto Caxton fx’s Dollar card and spend later, free of the fees normally incurred when using cards abroad.

The prepaid Dollar MasterCard is applied for online and loaded with cash, which is then credited in Dollars and ready for use as a normal debit card. Cardholders can check their balance and reload online, over the phone or via SMS making it a safe and simple alternative to traditional spending methods.

Millions of pounds will be wasted abroad this year as travellers lose out to crafty bank and credit card charges. There is an alternative and it will save travellers money. Spenders can often lose much of the exchange rate benefit through hidden fees, transaction and commission charges imposed by their bank or card company – industry experts estimate total loses at around £500m a year. Caxton’s card brings a ‘new currency’ to the market, a prospect the savvy traveller will relish.

Caxtonfx’s chief executive Rupert Lee-Browne says ‘We’re excited to offer genuine savings on holiday spending with this revolutionary method of spending.’

Caxtonfx’s chief executive Rupert Lee-Browne says Check and compare daily exchange rates, balances and top up credit.

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