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Published on 4 March 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Top UK Travel Prepaid Cards Companies

What Prepaid card comparison tables compares all of the UK's top Travel prepaid cards. It's ordered by product type - full MasterCard or Visa CHIP first, Maestro/Electron Mag only last, and by rating. The rating is a guide to enable a more informed selection, and is based on acceptance and fees when compared to other prepaid travel cards.

Come, Get To Know About A Diversified ‘Travel Money' Portfolio

“Do not lay all your eggs in one basket” holds correct when it comes to travel money. To create a worry free travel experience, one should not put all his travel money in one form of payment. This applies specially for long distance travel as it requires greater planning. Diversity is important when it comes to having ready access to funds while on the road. Today there are many forms of payment available and each had its advantages. Balanced travel money portfolio must be a combination of travellers cheques, charge and credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

All UK Travel Prepaid Cards

Travellers Cheques – Travellers check is one of the most widely used form of travel money used in the market these days. Specially used by seasoned users, it's an innovative low cost medium that covers risk that other travel funds do not offer. It's something you can hold, more physical and tangible form of money that gives store for value.

The best part is there is no need of PIN, which makes it a very easy to use method mostly used by old people. Not bounded by the limitations of technology like computer failure, IT breakdown and finding ATMs, this form of travel money is very useful specially for travellers traveling to suburbs.

Travellers cheque is easily replaceable and also helps the travellers to keep a track of their expenditure. With no expiry dates once can easily store leftover cheques without any worry at the end of a trip. When time permits travellers can cash them or put them back into his/ her bank account. These cheques are available in number of currencies, US dollars being most widely used.

Charge and Credit Cards – These cards have both pros and cons, one aspect being Charge and credit cards are convenient form of payment very well accepted all over. With encouraging exchange rates this mode of traveler money also allow the travellers to defer payment at times. The real challenge comes for the travellers of remote locations where some of the financial institutions find it difficult to replace card quickly that is within 24 hours.

Debit Cards – Also a widely used form but comes with a limitation of finding cash machines. These comes with many challenges like cards not compatible with local ATMs or networks, forgotten PINs (personal identification numbers), lost or stolen cards, and at times special fees for international transactions.

Cash-Cash is a form that one needs to carry especially when traveler is on road journey.

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