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Advanced Payment Solutions wins another Prepaid Card Awards

Published on 5 April 2016 in Multi - News by Raffick Marday

Advanced Payment Solutions wins Prepaid Card Awards

UK company Advanced Payment Solutions wins European MasterCard Customer Service Award.
(APS) which is Advanced Payment Solutions was voted top cardholder services provider within the International MasterCard covering the whole of Europe in 06-07 inPrague. Cashplus were voted op cardholder services provider in Prepaid Card Awards.

APS, Advanced Payment Solutions launched one of the first prepaid MasterCard in the UK where in September 2005 Advanced Payment Solutions, won the award for prepaid card program cashplus Gold card. Advanced Payment Solutions prepaid MasterCard came first from 14 European countries and won from over 250 prepaid card programmes operating.

Raffick Marday from What PrePaid spoke to a spokesman Europe for MasterCard Worldwide said:

"Advanced Payment Solutions stands out by balancing being innately consumer led with delivering bottom line efficiencies consistent with the financial dynamics required by a prepaid programme.

"They have pioneered the idea of maximising cardholder services for prepaid consumers, while at the same time utilising technology and operational best practice to keep them affordable. Advanced Payment Solutions has contributed a lot to customer faith in prepaid products in its market."

Commenting on the award win, Advanced Payment Solutions ltd Chief Executive Rich Wagner said:

"We are delighted to win this award. We worked hard to give cardholders high load limits, more online account management control, international money share services and SMS account balance updates."

Cashplus wins Prepaid Card Awards

"The prepaid sector requires discipline, vision and experience to deliver high street bank standard services at low costs in order to sustain cardholder usage. We are lucky enough to have built a team that understands this better than most. We look forward to working with our cardholders to continue to innovate in this market."

Prepaid cards give consumers without bank accounts an alternative financial management tool which is proving to be invaluable for the ever increasing number of migrants moving between countries across Europe.

The MasterCard Europe PrePaid Cardholder Servicing Award is the second major award won by Advanced Payment Solutions for its prepaid MasterCard programme. Last year it beat Barclays Wealth, Birmingham Mid-shires, Barclays Bank of Kenya and Nationwide Building Society in the IFS Capgemini Financial Innovation Awards to win the most Innovative New Product in Retail Banking in the United Kingdom.

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