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Can I use Prepaid Cards on Adult Content Websites

Published on 19 March 2016 in Multi - Question and Answers by Raffick Marday

Can I use Prepaid cards on Adult Content Websites?

Unsurprisingly, What Prepaid Card do receive many questions from consumers asking if prepaid credit cards are accepted on adult content websites and dating sites etc.

Clearly, for some people, prepaid cards provide a useful method of payment in these circumstances.

The main reason being the anonymity that a Pre-paid credit card provides, as unlike credit or debit cards, prepaid card issuers don't generate postal statements. So, no explanation is required when a statement arrives on the doormat with an unusual or creative merchant description.

Some prepay cards are completely anonymous, and you don't even need to provide personal details when you apply for the card.

A prepaid card provides ring fenced funds. Many consumers would not feel comfortable using a credit or debit card where large amounts of funds are potentially available. A prepaid credit card can be loaded with a smaller amount of funds, ensuring your well earned money or credit limit remains safe at all times.

It's also unlikely that you will receive a call from the card issuers risk and security department, requesting that you confirm that the transaction is genuine.

Not all prepaid cards are accepted on Adult sites. Major providers that process on behalf of Adult sites, such as CCBILL and IBILL etc, only accept fully branded MasterCard and Visa cards. So, prepaid cards with the Maestro brand mark are often not able to be used.

Some prepay cards, especially those Maestro cards available to under 18's also often have restrictions that prevent use of the card on these types of website.

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