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Published on 2 March 2016 in M - Question and Answers by Raffick Marday

Non Reloadable cards are prepaid cards that you load once and once the money is used up you need to buy another non-reloadable card.

Get a Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card; Make Spending Easier

You must be aware of reloadable credit cards that help you when you are out of cash. We can also say that you borrow some of the amounts from the bank which you can use to make purchases and then repay it later. This freedom of buying now and paying later often leads a user into a troubled situation.
He is already a loan holder and when he exceeds the limit of his spending, the interest on the repayable loan also increases. Moreover, when the person is not able to repay the debt at all. The card issuer company may also file a case against him. And then he can not buy a credit card from any of the financial institutions.

Non-Reloadable cards

How are non-reloadable cards useful?
A reloadable prepaid debit card is not only useful but beneficial as well. You get the same plastic card but its functions differently. The objective of a debit card is to make you responsible and keep you free from debt issues. You just need to apply for a reloadable prepaid debit card which you can get from any of the popular financial institutions.

Once you get the card in your hand, you can swipe it anytime you are making a purchase. Whether it is an online shopping for clothes or a payment of a pending electricity bill. You can use this card at all retail and online stores.

Furthermore, you can use this card when you are at travel. Load as much amount as you want to and start using. When the amount over, you then reload as well. So there will no case of you going into a debt issue. Nor you will have to pay heavy interests. Its all your money and there is no borrowing from the bank.

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