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Will Cashplus Credit builder really improve my credit rating?

Published on 27 March 2016 in M - Question and Answers by Raffick Marday

So, Improve your credit rating with Credit builder?

“Do prepaid cards improve my credit rating?” – This is the most common question that we receive from customers searching for a prepaid card.

Up until now, our response has always been an unfortunate “NO!”

Prepaid cards are loaded with your own funds, and no money is actually being borrowed from the bank. Therefore, unlike a credit card, loan or overdraft agreement, no information is exchanged with credit bureaus such as Experian or Equifax.

However, things set to change with Creditbuilder from Cashplus!

Cashplus, the UK’s first and leading prepaid MasterCard has launched Credit Builder, which is a free “add-on” to their Cashplus Gold MasterCard.

But, how does it work? How can credit builder improve your credit score if you are not borrowing any money? Or, are you....?

Improve your credit rating with Credit builder

Well, it's actually rather clever!

Cashplus offer two products. A flexible product for less frequent users, where you pay a fee each time you use the card, or a monthly fee version. Designed for normal – high card users.

This product comes with a £4.95 fee that billed monthly. But purchase transactions and fund reloads are free of charge, so all you pay is a fixed £4.95 each month.

Now, with credit builder, you agree to have the card for 12 months. You sign a 12-month loan agreement for a total of £59.40 (12 x £4.95 = £59.40). And Advanced Payment Solutions (who operate and service the card) loan you the money to pay for the Cashplus card for 12 months. The loan ONLY used to pay for the Cashplus card, and NOT used for any other purpose.

You then just need to ensure that you have at least £4.95 in your account each month. And the £4.95 monthly fee taken as normal and credited to your loan account with APS. These payments reported to Experian each month.

You can get your Cashplus card here >> Once you receive your card you can visit the Cashplus website and sign-up for credit builder.

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