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Published on 1 March 2016 in M - Question and Answers by Raffick Marday

Can I use my Prepaid Card for Car Hire?
So you are thinking about hiring a car and all you have is your prepaid card so can I use it? The answer is Yes but you need to contact the customer service department for your prepaid card company first. Once you speak to them ask for them to activate this facility for you.

Prepaid Credit Cards; Saving Your Money and Time;

Today, many people have this question in mind that why to buy prepaid credit cards when they have normal credit cards. Prepaid credit cards are driving more and more popularity in the UK owing to several facts about these cards.

These cards are used anywhere across the world for any purpose such as, hire a car, hotel deposits, SEO management, payment for petrol or gas, making purchases at a grocery shop, medical or chemist store and more. The greatest benefit of these prepaid credit cards is that you never have to fall into unwanted debts problems while using. You deposit the funds into your savings account and use the same money from your prepaid card. That means you never have to borrow credit from any shop.

Prepaid Debit Card for Car Hire?

Prepaid cards are simply a perfect option when you want to get rid off debt issues or poor credit histories. You can have control over your bad shopping habits too. You can avail all the benefits of prepaid cards while using without any tension of due payments or borrowed money. This helps in improving your credit score as well.

Prepaid credit cards, in fact, add a positive score to your credit rating since the bank deducts an amount from your savings account only when you make any purchase. You always have to make spot payments no matter at which store you are. Nowadays, financial institutions offer debit cards to users along with saving accounts.

If you do not have one, then you can apply for your prepaid card from the bank you have. By just filling some general details of yours, you can get prepaid plastic money very instantly.

But in case you do not have a bank yet then you can check out for online banks that offer prepaid cards. Check out the benefits and another offering. Compare prices and look for the ideal card for yourself. Do not take any decision in haste. Have a healthy shopping at a renowned store.

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