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Bad Credit Credit Cards Available

Published on 1 March 2016 in M - Question and Answers by Raffick Marday

Bad Credit Credit Cards now available as with bad credit on the rise, how can you buy using a payment card? Prepaid credit cards offer a solution.

When a company suffers from bad credit and failures in its financial obligations. So, most probably this is caused by its ineffective collections policy. Unpaid payments and late payments can make the company suffer in its own financial system. Also because there is the disruption of cash flow and can even harm the company's chances of success. In order to have effective collections policy, there must be some kind of formal system. So that will ensure that overdue and receivable accounts are paid. As a form of advice with your accounts. Sometimes restructuring your collection system is the answer to this problem.

To find ways and advice with your accounts and be able to have a more stable flow of financial resources. Here are the ten effective collection methods which you can try:

Satisfaction phone call to customers. Most of the time customers pay late because dissatisfied with the products or services. Your call must be friendly but let them know that the bill will be arriving at his address shortly.

Notice of first overdue. Assuming that the client has forgotten, lost the bill or neglected paying. This bill will serve as a friendly reminder that the client has an overdue payment for such product.

Second notice of the overdue. This will also serve as another reminder that the payment needs immediate attention. It can be in the form of the letter with the duplicate of the invoice attached. Still, keep it friendly and do not threaten the customer.

First collection phone call to the customer. Make a follow-up phone call if after the second notice of overdue is unanswered. Ask the customer the reason for his non-payment. May dissatisfied or experiencing a financial crisis.

Bad Credit Credit Cards

The first letter of collection. A follow-up from the first phone call. Still courteous but this time, be direct. Reattach the previous letters if you must and remind the debtor of the promise he made for the payment.

Second phone call for collection. Considering that the overdue days is now 30-40 days past due, remain to be polite but firm and ask for his immediate payment. Make the client commit to a payment schedule.

Second collection letter is the time to show your seriousness about the delinquency. You should now demand immediate payment and write about the consequences of the failure in payment.

Third phone call collection. Remain calm and courteous, and yet serious. Consequently, Inform them that this is their last opportunity to avoid any legal actions.

Final collection letter. With your tone of the letter strict and demanding. Remind the client what agreed upon or violated and that the collection agency now handling his case.

Turning it over to the collection agency. With the account unpaid after 90 days, professional assistance now required. Sometimes collection agency sends letters to clients about the seriousness of their case that it became a crime and punishable by law. Most of the time, clients pay but if they still do not mind, the collection agency can tell the attorney to call the debtor, and this can hasten payment.

These methods can be effective as advice with your accounts goes unnoticed. So, Non-payment of clients becomes the ordinary problem of most companies. But always ways to answer this problem and some of these mentioned in the methods provided above.

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