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Prepaid Credit Cards in Denmark - Cheapest PAYG Card

Application Fees
Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
Net+ Norwegian Krone Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, no-foreign-pos, no-uk-pos, uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: 30 NOK in UK - 2.95% abroad
Top Up Fee: Free - 1.75%
Moneycorp Explorer Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: no-foreign-pos, no-uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: Free
Top Up Fee: Free
Caxtonfx Euro Card
Application Fee: Free- £10.00
Transaction Fee: no-foreign-atm, no-foreign-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: Free, except in UK which is €2
Top Up Fee: Free up to 4%
FairFX Anywhere Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, no-foreign-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: 1.5%
Top Up Fee: Free - 1.5%
Weswap Prepaid Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, uk-atm-fee, uk-transaction-fee
Monthly Fee: None
ATM Charges: Free above £200
Top Up Fee: None
AceFX Euro Card
Application Fee: Free with a £200 load otherwise £6.95
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, no-foreign-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: €1.25 - €1.50
Top Up Fee: Free
Net+ Euro Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, no-foreign-pos, no-uk-pos, uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: €4.00 in UK - 2.95% abroad
Top Up Fee: Free - 1.75%

Prepaid Debit Cards in Netherlands

Prepaid cards in Netherlands, You must be permanent resident/citizen of the Netherland where they will do an ID check to identify who open the account.

Prepaid Card from Netherlands has big benefits, especially during the holidays. With so much to do to prepare for the holidays, there is a way to make your holiday season financially stress free while serving up big smiles. Let's take a look at three distinct ways at how Prepaid Card from Netherlands is a big benefit to you during the holiday season.

Prepaid Card from Netherlands has a set credit limit. The card has a zero balance when it is first activated, and any money spent on the card is borrowed. Typically these cards have 30 day grace periods, after which point you will owe interest on the money you borrowed. Prepaid Card from Netherlands work the same at the time that you make a purchase, but they are not something to help your credit. Instead, you put money on to it from your funds before using it at a merchant.

  • 1 - Debt free holiday shopping. When you do your holiday shopping using a prepaid card, you make yourself stay within a certain budget, and there are no bills to come in January. You get to start off without any holiday overspending to follow you into the new year. Since prepaid cards work like credit and debit cards and are accepted virtually everywhere, you have the freedom to shop in stores or make purchases online (which you cannot do with cash).

  • 2 - Guaranteed security to your accounts as you shop. Prepaid cards are "loaded" with the money you deposit into an account that is not attached to your checking account, savings account, or credit card accounts. Since it is a separate entity, the transactions you complete are not tied to your accounts.
    This protects your accounts from online predators or banking hackers that prey on electronic transactions. If they get into a website or the computer system of a retail store, these predators and hackers could have the ability to steal your identity or drain all of the money out of your accounts. Having a card that is prepaid is the perfect defence. Someone cannot steal from your accounts if they never have access to them.

  • 3 - They always make great gifts. Using this option is better than giving cash, and they make great gifts for two reasons.
    A. - You are guaranteed not to overspend your gift budget since they are purchased with a limit.
    B. - Since they come in amounts from $25 to $25,000 and can be used virtually everywhere that credit and debit cards are accepted, your gift recipient will have the freedom to get whatever they want from wherever they want.

Unlike store gift cards that force you to purchase things from one store, these Prepaid Card from Denmark can be used all over the place - including online.

Prepaid Credit Cards in Netherland

Prepaid cards available in Denmark where you need to be a Dutch resident to get a prepayment card. The currency in Netherlands is the euro so you will have two alternatives. The first is to get a euro prepayment card where you need to live in Netherlands to do this. You will need to have your passport and your address available which needs to be situated in Netherlands.

The other alternative is getting a pre-paid travel card where if you live in another country say for example the UK you can get a travel card preloaded with euros in advance and then when you visit Netherlands you can then use like a prepaid card to pay.

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