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Orange Cash Card

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Orange Cash Card
Application Fee: £5.00
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, uk-atm-fee, uk-transaction-fee, usa-atm-fee, usa-transaction-fee
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: 2.95% in UK - 5.70% Outside UK
Top Up Fee: Free - 4%

Orange card card is a pay as you go prepaid card is MasterCard branded where the Orange Prepaid MasterCard, No Credit checks, 100% acceptance and rewards.

Savers are pessimistic about UK’s economic future

British savers remain pessimistic about the possibility of the UK economy improving in the near future, according to recent survey results. Brits don’t appear to have too much faith in policy makers solving the current financial problems and feel that the main issues will remain unresolved for quite a while.

According to a survey from Fidelity International, the international asset management company, only 22% of the British population have faith in the Coalition government and believe they can improve the current financial difficulties the UK is going through.

People are generally pessimistic about the future of British economy and 43% of people even expect a double dip recession thats why the are using an orange prepaid card

Almost two-thirds of people also feel that issues in the Eurozone and US could impact them personally. The US would be their last country of choice to invest money in (30%), followed by Europe (22%). The UK was the top choice for 42% of investors and 39% said they would choose Emerging Markets.

The stock market crisis is another concern for British savers, with the recent riots and utility bill prices also causing concern.

Orange prepaid card Safe havens

42% of those questioned considered gold was the best place to invest their money, cash was chosen as a safe haven only by 14% of people, with commodities at 11% and bonds at 9%.

All of this is adding up to mean that British savers are willing to risk less and less in their investments, with 35% of those surveyed feeling that there were no safe havens at all.

30% of those surveyed said they would not be investing anything further in the foreseeable future.

In contrast, 24% said they had done nothing and 5% had bought more equities as they believe the markets will rise again.

Reviewing and comparing the best orange cash card with bank accounts available in the market is essential to ensure that your money is as safe as it can be.