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Kalixa Contactless Prepaid Card Fees - Currency Mobile App

Application Fees
Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard
Application Fee: £6.95
Transaction Fee: no-uk-atm-fee, no-uk-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: £1.75 in UK - £2.25 Outside UK
Top Up Fee: Free - 3.5%

Kalixa Pay As You Go contactless card is 100% acceptance. Hence, Kalixa MasterCard Prepaid Card a contactless prepaid MasterCard with limited charges when using your prepaid card.

Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard contactless PayPass a payment method. Consequently, Allowing you to simply touch or swipe your contactless-enabled card on a contactless reader to complete a payment. This means you do not have to insert your card into the reader or enter your PIN.

About Kalixa Services
Kalixa Company service an institution involved with an end to end payment services. That help business to make and receive most of the payments online. It has been placed as the most convenient and practical institution. That offers the best financial services in regard to its consistency for the last fifteen years. Kalixa has extended its services to about twenty-eight countries in the entire continent of Europe. And offering robust solutions with regard to technicalities and allowing the operations to take place 24 hours per day. Thus ensuring safety, securely and continuously running o l financial services.

Kalixa has undergone numerous transitions from the year 2001. Where it began primarily as an internal payment department of Bwin Company. It was involved and tasked with shaping the payment platform. This was a movement that could mean that people will pay and finance their bills online. In 2005, it initiated the preparing the payment platform to function as a gateway. Offering merchants the relevant links and payment providers.


They insist that the needs of the people should be placed in the forefront; therefore Kalixa cares both about you and the business as an entity. Also, Kalixa offers personal support, Consultations with the esteemed customers, and always available when the customers need its services. Kalixa Services clearly knows that different businesses have different needs. Kalixa Services has established clear and outlined criterion. That enable each business to adopt the best and flexible services that fit the business’s specific needs.

In the adoption of these flexible services. The cost of operation to these businesses is reduced significantly. Hence enabling the businesses and firms to thrive. In merchant account. Kalixa reduces administration effort and places the management of the company’s entire payment flow from start to finish. Kalixa advocates for the acquiring of cards which makes most of the transactions run smoother and faster. This will enable one to enjoy greater security and lowering cost when using Kalixa as one’s acquiring a bank.

Risk solutions;
In addition, has solved most of the risks involved in transactional processes. Also, It uses specially developed tools in the prevention of errors and frauds associated with fund transactions. The measures involve automatically passage of every transaction. Made through a range of checks to affirm whether or not the transaction is genuine; if the transaction manipulated or perceived illegal, the reversal measure takes effect with immediate effect.

Kalixa Contactless Card

Payment security measures;
Primarily, the biggest threat to online businesses and payments is the Trojan horse. These programs bypassed through various modes, especially in email. Kalixa has stepped into offering measures with regard to curbing these threats. Kalixa insists that by ensuring payment security is crucial for any online transaction or e-commerce enterprise; this will help in building better customer relationships and a solid trust factor. The approaches to this include;

Kalixa encryption Approach;
The company put it that the data entered converted into ciphertext. So that the transmission of the information not accessed by anyone other than the receiver or the sender. The idea behind this approach by the Companies Services to secure the stored data and guard information transmission.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL);
The protocol design by the company a design aiming at preventing eavesdropping. Tampering of information. And forgery while transmission of data is underway over the internet between two interacting applications and parties.