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02 Prepaid Card

Make Your Purchases More Fun Through O2 Wallet as today, people prefer to get easiest way to manage their finances and spend money. For this purpose, O2 launched its wallet services recently. With the help of O2 Wallet, it becomes easier to transfer money, track expenditure and pay swiftly and securely through mobile phone itself. This service allows user to register their bank and credit cards through the app in the cell phone. This digital wallet service provides benefits of mobile money than any other product or service.

How does 02 Card Work?

A user gets number of benefits by using this service, such as:

  • Money transfer: user can easily transfer money to any other UK mobile phone just as sending text message. Daily transfers can be made between £1 and £500.
  • Shopping facility: O2 Wallet allows people to shop through mobile. Moreover, you get discounts through money-off offers from retailers.
  • Act as hard cash: through O2 Wallet consumer can make payments through mobile phone. This can be done by loading money into O2 Wallet account through debit or credit card. User can keep a track on all his spending through transaction history messages.
  • Money account card: O2 offers money account card through wallet service. This account is based on prepaid visa account. This helps you to manage your finances, as what you have paced in, you can spend only that much. This card is perfect for online shopping. It is easy, fast and secured mode of doing payment.

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As per the professionals at O2, this wallet service will “make online shopping and lending, borrowing or repaying money to friends and family easier than ever”. So, make your shopping more fun by availing O2 Wallet services. You can easily avail it through online marketing sites