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My U Account Reviews - You Account Review

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My U Account Reviews - You Account Review

You Account Card U: U is the new digital and personal account made for you. Also, U account operated by a private company situated in Sheffield called Ffrees family finance limited.

So want to tell you guys that U, not a bank. All the benefits that a bank gives you. But they will not charge any extra money like banks if you have made a mistake. Services offered in U card: You will get a contactless MasterCard sponsored by U along with your account.

Hence, a card used where you will get MasterCard acceptance mark and for debiting money from ATM. So, Use this account for multipurpose like debit, credit and online payment. This U account offers a cash back also for you. In addition, paid to you in form of points, where one point is equal to one pound. These points automatically saved in a point account.

The U card has some great advantage:

You can use this card as a debit card, credit card and banking by an ATM.
Using this card you can purchase order or make payment in online marketing and online shopping.
By using U card we can perform a very flexible payment. So, no worries about finding an ATM.
This only card operates all Banking function you need to have.
Either You can check your balance or points you have earned as cash back anytime by logging into your account or any bank operated such as HSBC, RBS atm with your U card and check your balance.
You can easily contact their customer's service support from internet or mobile phone or email chatting
Disadvantages: I don't think if you are getting services like this and you will feel some disadvantages.

So, In my opinion, it's the best digital account and has no harmful effects.

Top Up Information

You Account

When you reload your You Account prepaid MasterCard sometimes you will be charged a small fee, depending on the method, however, nearly all the providers offer at least one free reload option. Top up fees are FREE OF CHARGE using the following top-up providers or methods:

Free Top Up Charges Charges Timescales
Bank transfer Free of charge Instantly
Standing Order Free of charge Instantly

Top Up options that are charged

Paypoint 4% per load amount Instantly
Debit Card £0.50 Instantly


Payee name: Ffrees Family Finance Ltd
Account number: 8 digit account number
Sort code: 6 digit account number
Payment ref – the 16 digit number across the front of your card

Card Load Limits

Maximum Card Limit:
Maximum Load Amount:
£5000.00 (bank transfer), £750 (debit card), £249 (paypoint)
Minimum Load Amount:£10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal:

Usage Charges

My U Account. Some cards have usage charges and these charges vary depending on what card you have selected. The charges can apply from transactions to ATM withdrawals and some cards have none at all! Here is a list of usage charges for the above mentioned card.

Card Issue Fee:Free
Additional Cards:Free
Annual Fee:Free
Transaction Fees UK:Free
Foreign Exchange Fees:3%
Monthly Service Fee:£5 a month
ATM Charge UK:£0.50 per ATM cash withdrawal in the UK
ATM Charge Abroad:£0.50 + 3% per ATM withdrawal internationally
Cancellation / Redemption: £2.50
Replacement Card Fees:£5.00

Balance Enquiry

By SMS / Text Message: £0.10
By Phone:Free
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

My U Account

How to open an account:
Hence, Opening an account in U is totally free and convenient. You have to never invest a single money in opening a U account. So, Just contact any personnel of U banking by any method, it can be online, offline or appointment and you will get your account opened in very few days.

Bank doesn't charge money for offering you U card, so you don't have to pay any money to anyone.

You should have a minimum age of eighteen years and should have residence of United Kingdom.

Also, this service not currently available for outside United Kingdom citizens.
If you are not fulfilling eligibility currently you can reapply for later.
After completion of form and confirmation of email, they will start your application form. Once they will verify your account they will inform you with the account number and sort code. they don't allow you opening a joint account but they are trying to solve this problem also.
You cannot have more than one account with U account but you can apply for another account number for payment. they don't offer any business account.

U account mobile application: U account has made an application to help their customers.
This application name is MyUmobileapp. So, Here are some great specifications for the mobile app of Uaccount:

Arrange and customise your home screen yourself as you wish.
Check your personal data balance. Also, shared data balance and your freebies with voice minutes.
Simply top up for you, your family and friends.
Quickly check your bill and make payment of the bills by using this app.
Share easily your credits with family or friends.
Consequently, Easily add-ons the ads displayed on screen just by a single tap. 

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Company Details

You Account

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You Account
Navigation House, Belmont Wharf, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1RL

Tel: 08452 414 259

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You Account

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