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WeSwap Review - We Swap Prepaid Currency Exchange Card

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WeSwap Review  - We Swap Prepaid Currency Exchange Card

WeSwap Card Reviews

WeSwap is the first of its kind distributed stage for money trade. The British based organization, which has been on the market since 2014, significantly targets explorers. WeSwap works by blending those making a beeline for two inverse bearing at that point swapping their cash specifically at a higher rate than banks and existing money advertise.

Services you get.

The development behind WeSwap was to influence voyagers to get to swapping scale at a modest, straightforward and a reasonable rate. This is as yet the fundamental administration offered by them with the portion of the monetary standards they bargain in incorporate.

• US Dollar (USD).
• British Pound (GBP).

Advantages of We Swap Travel Card.

  • Points of interest of WeSwap.
    With quantity clients developing in its stage each year, WeSwap boots of moving over £75 million in its stage. This has expanded the income by 160%. Some of their points of interest incorporate.

  • Removes the centreman.
    WeSwap guarantees that the go-between is removed from the cash trade subsequently the client will get the best rate on the market.

  • Low exchange expenses.
    WeSwap charges its clients as low as 1% as their exchange expense.

  • Simple to set up an account.
    Setting up a record with WeSwap is speedy and simple.

  • Speedy conveyance.
    The Pre-paid card is conveyed to your entryway venture in under seven days after setting up a record.

  • Smooth exchange.
    The way toward swapping monetary forms is smooth and quick.

  • Free withdrawal.
    Your account offers its clients up to two-day by day withdrawals at the ATM which are free.

  • Great trade rates at the Market.
    It offers the best swapping scale accessible at the market for those searching for outside monetary standards.

Pros of getting a card.

  • Insecure conversion scale.
    Because of the fluctuating cash market and swelling rate in various nations, the swapping scale may not be consistent.

  • Low most extreme load.
    With WeSwap, a most extreme of £3000 can be stacked every time. This is a gigantic test to the individuals who need to do the mass exchange.

  • Constrained online buy.
    There are constrained utilization of the We-Swap card with regards to online buy since many stores don't acknowledge instalment from it.

  • Needs contactless element.
    The prepaid card needs contactless element henceforth making exchanges by one means or another moderate.

WeSwap currency account has the ability to manage 18 currencies all in one place. A Prepaid MasterCard that offers exceptional rates every time you go abroad with WeSwap. Safe and a fast way to exchange money that's not connected to your personal bank accounts.

We swap is limited to the extent you have deposited and or uploaded the amount to this card. But the most attraction We-swap prepaid MasterCards offer is that unlike other currency cards it allows you to carry fifteen countries currency at the same time.
It can also be used for withdrawing cash like you withdraw from your ATM card. It carries a pin number for your security of the card.

Thus it is highly recommended to have We-swap prepaid MasterCard's while travelling abroad and no need to worry about currency exchanges and or getting best currency rates for your money and nor do you need to take the risk of cash with you while travelling. We-swap prepaid MasterCards also free you from the heavy charges that you have to undergo while using your ATM and or your debit and credit cards abroad.

Top Up Information

We Swap MasterCard Prepaid Card

The Weswap pay as you go card Retailers charge a top up fee these are a fixed price or a percentage per transaction.

Free Reload FeesFREETimescales
WagesFree4 days
BankFree of charge4 day
BacsFree of chargeOvernight

Top up and reload charges that cost

Debit CardFree Instantly

The limitations for Weswap card

Maximum Card Limit:£3500.00
Maximum Load Amount:£3500.00
Minimum Load Amount:£10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal:£200.00

Usage Charges

Weswap Prepaid Travel Money Cards

Some Weswap cards have usage charges when you spend using your pay as you go card there will be a transaction charge or a charge when you withdraw cash from an ATM.

Weswap Card Issue Fee:Free
Additional Weswap Cards:Free
Annual Fee:Free
UK Transaction Fee:Free
Overseas Transaction Fees:Free
Monthly Subscription Fee:Free
ATM Fee in UK:Free ATM withdrawal fee in the UK
ATM Charge Overseas:Free per withdrawal using overseas
Cancellation Fee £5.00
Replacement Weswap Card:£4.95

Balance charges for Weswap PAYG Card

Mobile banking Free
Telephone banking:£0.10 per minute
Online banking:Free

How to Apply

How to open a prepaid card account guaranteed acceptance.

Why open an account?

Opening an account with WeSwap is an extraordinary venture for anybody wanting to go out of nation for the business excursion, get-away or occasion. The most effective method to open a record with WeSwap. This is because.

• They offer the best swapping scale accessible in the market.
• Their record is anything but difficult to Set.
• They make a speedy conveyance of the WeSwap card to their clients.
• Thier administrations are in the comfort of at the tip of your finger through their versatile application.

Free We Swap Prepaid Credit Cards

Opening a record with WeSwap is as simple as 123.

• First, you should go to their official site and make a record. Amid this expositions, you will likewise need to enter into your goal which decides the cash you require.
• A paid ahead of time MasterCard will be sent to you in under seven days which is connected to your record.
• Load your money that you need to be swapped using a bank exchange to your WeSwap account.
• WeSwap matches different voyagers with you heading inverse way.
• Once an immaculate match is discovered, your records cash is then swapped with your new money.
• Your prepaid card is prepared for utilizing when abroad.

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