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Virgin Pay As you Go Credit Card - Virgin PAYG card

Virgin Pay As you Go Credit Card - Virgin PAYG card

Virgin Pay As You Go

In present times we see that children have to go away from their parents for their education and also even if they are living at same time but interaction with children for every need is not possible. Now and then children keep on asking for money for some or the other reasons. Letting kids with excess cash or credit cards is never advisable and nor is it healthy for the child too. Introduction of prepaid cards and cards like pay as you go are the best option that can be given by the parents to their children. Pay As You Go prepaid cards have gained high popularity especially among the parents who find Pay as you go prepaid cards as a best deal for them to keep a regular check and watch over their kids spending.

Today in market the number of variety of Pay as you go prepaid cards is increasing with the rising popularity and adaptability. One have got ample of options to choose for the best Pay as you go prepaid cards especially designed for teenagers and students. These prepaid cards do not charge any monthly fees.

Top Up Information

Virgin Pay As You Go Card

Retailers charge a top up fee these are a fixed price or a percentage per transaction.

Free Reload FeesFREETimescales
Debit CardFreeInstantly
WagesFree4 days
BankFree of charge4 day
Post OfficeFree of chargeOvernight
Virgin reload charges that cost
Pay Point2.5%30 mins
Credit Card3.5% Instantly
The limitations for Virgin payg card
Maximum Virgin Card Limit:£3500.00
Maximum Virgin Load Amount:£3500.00
Minimum Virgin Load Amount:£10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal:£250.00

Usage Charges

Virgin PAYG Card

Some Virgin cards have usage charges when you spend using your pay as you go card there will be a transaction charge or a charge when you withdraw cash from an ATM.

Virgin Card Issue Fee:£9.95
Additional Virgin Cards:£4.95
Annual Fee:Free
UK Transaction Fee:2.95%
Overseas Transaction Fees:3.5%
Monthly Subscription Fee:Free
ATM Fee in UK:2.95% ATM withdrawal fee in the UK
ATM Charge Overseas:3.5% per withdrawal using overseas
Cancellation Fee £5.00
Replacement Virgin Card:£4.95
Balance charges for Virgin PAYG MasterCard

Mobile banking Free
Telephone banking:£0.10 per minute
Online banking:Free

How to Apply

Virgin Pay As You Go Credit Card

You have chosen to apply for a Virgin pay as you go card, please ensure you meet the

The decision to accept will only be made by Virgin pay as you go card once they have taken your details, confirmed your ID and received payment. You could have your Virgin prepaid card with new sort code and account number in seconds and your prepaid MasterCard will be delivered 5 to 7 days later.

To apply for your new Virgin pay as you go card account simply complete the short application below and Virgin pay as you go card will open the account for you instantly. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this account.

  • Please select your title.
  • First name is required.
  • Last name is required.
  • Please enter a valid email address.
  • Please enter either home or mobile number.
  • Gender is required.
  • You must live in mainland UK to apply for an account.
  • Select if you have lived at your current address for three years or not.
  • Terms and Conditions apply. Please read and agree to them.
  • Company Details

    Virgin Payg card

    Virgin Payg card
    Virgin Money, Jubilee House, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 4PL

    Tel: 08454 601 606

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    Virgin Payg card

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