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U Account Prepaid Card Review - Free U Account Card

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U Account Prepaid Card Review - Free U Account Card

U Account Prepaid Card Review as for now the U Account Card is free account and free prepaid card. Hence, U-account is ideal if bankrupt, unbank. No credit checks or overdrafts. Apply for a free u account prepaid credit card.
Now you can get everything you’ve ever wanted from a bank. Without having to use one. Also, The U Account gives you a new way to manage your money and it’s free to apply.

Using the Money Manager and Extra Accounts facility. U account holders have access to a digital solution for budgeting, setting money aside. And staying in control of their spending. Therefore, the personal account also comes with a contactless prepaid Mastercard Card, direct debits, and standing orders.

U Account Reviewed

All fees are made as clear as possible (you can see them below). So, with no sneaky or hidden charges for you to worry about. And it’s also possible to choose the monthly price that suits YOU.

The U Account doesn’t come with an overdraft facility. Hence, their excessive charges, but instead gives you an opportunity to improve your budgeting and avoid debt. So, It’s possible to earn cash back automatically as U Points from some of the UK’s most well-known retailers. In addition, Whether you’re looking for groceries, home improvements, eating out. Or something else? Simply by using a U Card, online or in-store.

Also, Keep reading to find out how to apply, and remember we don’t do a credit check. You simply need to prove your identity.

Top Up Information

U Account Prepaid Card Review
If you need to top-up your U Account prepaid card you will find there are free topping your card up methods. But some providers offer a top-up method but there is a small fee when loading your account. See FREE OF CHARGE top-up options first:

Free Top Up Charges Charges Timescales
Bank transfer Free Same Day
Standing Order Free Same Day

Chargeable Top-Up Options

Paypoint 4% per load amount Instantly
Debit Card £0.50 Same Day


Payee name: Ffrees Family Finance Ltd
Account number: 8 digit account number
Sort code: 6 digit account number
Payment ref – the 16 digit number across the front of your card

Account Loading Limits

Maximum Card Limit:
Maximum Load Amount:
£5000.00 (bank transfer), £750 (debit card), £249 (PayPoint)
Minimum Load Amount:£10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal:

Usage Charges

U Account Card Review

Like with all prepaid cards there are transaction fees when you use them. Here is a clear list of transactions to ATM withdrawal fees when you use your U-account card.

Card Issue Fee:Free
Additional Cards:Free
Annual Fee:Free
Transaction Fees the UK:Free
Foreign Exchange Fees:3%
Monthly Service Fee:£5 a month
ATM Charge UK:£0.50 per ATM cash withdrawal in the UK
ATM Charge Abroad:£0.50 + 3% per ATM withdrawal internationally
Cancellation / Redemption: £2.50
Replacement Card Fees:£5.00

Balance Enquiry

By SMS / Text Message: £0.10
By Phone:Free
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

Free U Account Cash Card

How you can apply for U Account as it’s free to apply for a U Account and you can do so in minutes. So, There’s no credit check as part of the application and you’ll just need to prove your identity and be over 18 years of age.

Consequently, To apply, click on the link below and complete the quick steps on the U website. In addition, As part of this, you’ll be required to submit a small amount of personal information. Once that’s complete, you’ll only need to review your details and confirm your email address to finalise the application. Also, U Account card will then be in touch to confirm how to proceed.

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U Account Card

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U Account Card
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Tel: 08452 414 259

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