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Travelex Rand Card - South African Rand Cash Passport Card

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Travelex Rand Card - South African Rand Cash Passport Card

Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport Card if you are travelling to South Africa or thinking of doing so, it would be convenient to have a Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport Card. In this article, we will delve into the advantages and disadvantages offered by the Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport Card.

Travelex is one of the most important currency exchange companies in the world. It exchanges currency for 37 million customers every year, for 2,000 each hour, has more than 1,500 stores and close to 2,500 ATMs. in around 28 countries.

It has always been a constant presence in airports, generating a visible mark of global importance. Sy presence is everywhere apart from the aforementioned airports, it is also found in maritime ports, train stations and many other places of tourist importance. Nearly 40% of tourists from all over the world have passed through airports with a Travelex location. Travelex is the leading company where you can exchange your money.

Travelex South African Card Pros:

It has blockage of exchange rates of up to ten international currency types.

  • It has no international ATM fees
  • Payments without any contact.
  • Travelex South African Rand Card Cons:

  • Travelex does not charge ATM fees, but unfortunately, there are operators who can charge them and even set limits.
  • There may be a monthly inactivity fee of £ 2 if the circumstance arises that the card remains inactive for twelve months.
  • When used in a country whose currency is different from the one that the card is charged generates a currency conversion of up to 5.75%.

Top Up Information

Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport Card

Travelex Rand Card How can you create your very own account to apply for a Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport Card?

If you want to apply and fully enjoy the benefits and how good it is to have the main ally in your trip to South Africa the Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport card must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be exactly or more than 18 years of age.
    -Must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United Kingdom.

The card is free when you pre-charge your account with £ 100. To create your account, you must also preload your rand and your Travelex Cash Passport account will not be opened.

Usage Charges

Most travel money cards have usage charges but the charges vary depending on what card you have selected. In some cases, there are no charges at all, but they can apply from retail transactions to ATM withdrawals. Here is a list of usage charges for the Travelex Rand Cash Passport Card mentioned card.

Card Issue Fee:Free minimum £100 load
Additional Cards:free
Minimum Load:Free
Transaction Fees Rand:Free
Foreign Exchange Fees Elsewhere: 5.75%
Monthly Service Fee:Free
ATM Charge Yen:Free per ATM cash withdrawal
ATM Charge Elsewhere:Free per cash withdrawal using abroad
Cancellation / Redemption:£6.00
Replacement Card Fees:Free

Balance Enquiry

By Phone:£0.10 per minute
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

Travelex Rand Card

How can you pay for Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport card?

A quick and simple way has to do with whether you pay using a debit or credit card. As simple as that? There will be a single payment while you register on the website. Do not worry, the Travelex website is completely safe and can provide you with the confidentiality you need for your transactions. Your personal data will, of course, extremely protected.

And if you can not do it quickly, you can do it by paying cash that takes more time to make, you can pay in cash at any Travelex branch providing them with the reference of your card. Travelex will inform you in due time when the amount fully charged to your card.

You must carefully read all the conditions and requirements for acceptance. And provided with the delivery of the Travelex South African Rand Cash Passport Card. You must pay special attention to where the charges dictated so that you don't get a surprise. The decision to accept made by Travelex Cash Passport. At the moment that all your information received. And you have complied with the requirements. As well as when your identification has been confirmed and payment has been received.

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Travelex Rand Card

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