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Travelex Euro Card- Euro Cash Passport Card Review

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Travelex Euro Card- Euro Cash Passport Card Review

The Euro Cash Passport from Travelex is a revolutionary new way to manage throughout the Eurozone. This Euro cash passport is accepted worldwide but is intended for use within the Eurozone. Foreign exchange charges will apply for transactions that are made outside of euros.
Travelex Euro Travel Card Pros

  • Multi-Currency Acceptability: The Travelex cash passport supports up to 10 different currencies. This means that you can travel the world with ease. All you have to do is to switch from one currency to another, find an ATM and withdraw money as you deem fit.

  • Security: With the card, you don't have to carry cash in your wallet, can be risky. The card is acceptable at any ATM and can be also be used for shopping.

  • Budget Management: If you are a spendthrift, you can comfortably manage your expenses by using the card. Just load it with the required amount. In case you run out of cash, you can easily top it up remotely without a hassle.

  • Better Rates: This currency card offers some of the best international exchange rates. Furthermore, overseas ATM charges waived for better convenience.

Travelex Euro Travel Card Cons
The main shortcoming of the Travelex Euro card is definitely the fees. You will be charged whenever you load money, use to shop and withdraw from an ATM. To lower the charges, you are encouraged to minimize your transactions.
If you are a traveller who prefers to plan and budget ahead, then the Travelex Euro card is meant for you.
With the card, you will enjoy the best exchange rates around. Travelex Euro Currency Card saves time, enjoy the convenience and stick to your budget.

Top Up Information

Travelex Euro Card

Travelex Euro Cash Passport Card Top Up Card Charges.

  • Load/reload fee - Free
  • ATM withdrawal - Free
  • Purchases - Free
  • 12 Month inactivity fee - €3.00
  • Cash over the counter fee -€6.00
  • Additional Card - Free
  • Negative balance fee - €15
  • Cashout fee - €7.00


  • Maximum withdraw from ATMs - €700
  • Maximum spend at merchants - €4,000
  • Minimum load - €50
  • Maximum load - €7,500
  • Maximum load over 12 months - €25,500
  • Cash over the counter limit - €200

Usage Charges

Most travel money cards have usage charges but the charges vary depending on what card you have selected. In some cases, there are no charges at all, but they can apply from retail transactions to ATM withdrawals. Here is a list of usage charges for the above-mentioned Travelex Euro Cash Passport Card.

Card Issue Fee:Free minimum €100 load
Additional Cards:free
Minimum Load:Free
Transaction Fees Euros:Free
Foreign Exchange Fees Elsewhere: 5.75%
Monthly Service Fee:Free
ATM Charge Euro Zone:Free per ATM cash withdrawal
ATM Charge Elsewhere:Free per cash withdrawal using abroad
Cancellation / Redemption:€6.00
Replacement Card Fees:Free

Balance Enquiry

By Phone:£0.10 per minute
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

Travelex Euro Card

You have chosen to apply for a Travelex Euro Cash Passport Card. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved.

Managing expenses while abroad has been simplified with the new Travelex Euro Card. This travel prepaid card does not only allow you to shop freely anywhere in the world, it also lets you withdraw money from an ATM, free from international fees.

The card supports up to 10 currencies, ensuring that your shopping and overall expenditure is a breeze. So, Application Process The card purchased online from their Travelex or any of the Travelex stores in the UK or United States.

The online application swift because all you have to do is fill in your personal details (takes barely 5 minutes) and wait for the card delivered to you.

You will, however, have to activate the account by calling the account activation team on 18002600355 (if you are in the US) or 44203284839 (if already abroad).
Also, Cards purchased at the Travelex stores activated on site.

Registration of new cards done online by simply filling in personal details. Also, Your account dashboard enables you to check your account balance, change from one currency to another, view transaction history, among others.
Consequently, Any UK citizen aged 18 years with a valid government-issued identification card can apply.

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