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Travelex Canadian Dollar Card - Canadian Cash Passport Card

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Travelex Canadian Dollar Card -  Canadian Cash Passport Card

Travelex Canadian Cash Passport Card

The Canadian Cash Passport will change the way you think about your money when travelling to Canada. With all the security of travellers cheques, as well as the convenience of cash, it's an ideal solution for those looking for a better way of managing their money whilst travelling. The Canadian Cash Passport allows you to pre-load your travel budget for safe and convenient use in ATMs, as well as shops and restaurants throughout Canada and across the world. The Travelex Cash Passport is now available in seven currencies; and this card is preloaded with Canadian Dollars.

Prepaid Convenience?
Withdraw Canadian Dollars at ATMs across Canada, or pay directly at merchants, including shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, displaying the Visa or Plus logo or the MasterCard Acceptance Mark, depending on which type of Cash Passport you have.

Travelex Canadian Dollar Cash Passport Card

The Canadian Dollar Cash Passport is available at numerous outlets in the UK including many Building Societies, Thomas Cook, The Co-operative Travel, and at Travelex outlets.
Canadian Card offers Global Emergency Assistance staff can provide emergency access to the funds on your Canadian Dollar card (where necessary), free replacement cards and help with problems like lost passports

Top Up Information

Travelex Canadian Card

Travelex Canadian Dollar Cash Passport Top Up Card Charges.
This is not as easy as it seems as depending on where you purchased your Canadian Dollar card depends on whereyou can top it up and what you will be charged.
Please note that a 2% commission will be charged for reloading your GBP Cash Passport by Telephone or via Internet/Telephone banking. Globe cards are not subject to a 2% commission charge. Commissions for reloading your Cash Passport in branch may vary per selling location
UK Cash Passport cardholders can use a UK issued Visa and MasterCard credit or debit card, to top up your UK purchased Cash Passport.

Reloading your Cash Passport online is currently NOT available for Cash Passport Globe or for customers who purchased their Cash Passport from the Co-operative Travel, Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's, UK Building Societies Cambridge Building Society, Derbyshire Building Society, Dudley Building Society, Leeds Building Society, Saffron Building Society or Advantage and independent travel agents.
If you purchased your Canadian Dollar Cash Passport from one of the above listed locations, use an alternative way to reload your Card.

If you purchased your Cash Passport at a Travelex or Thomas Cook branch in the UK and did not supply your full personal details at the time of purchase, you will need to complete a full registration before you are able to reload your Travelex Canadian Dollar Card Cash Passport online.

Please note that the rate used for reloading Travelex Canadian Dollar Card Cash Passports (online, in branch, by telephone and via internet or telephone banking) may differ from the rate displayed on or within Travelex branches.

Usage Charges

Travelex Canadian Dollar Card

Most travel money cards have usage charges but the charges vary depending on what card you have selected. In some cases there are no charges at all, but they can apply from retail transactions to ATM withdrawals.

Here is a list of usage charges for the above mentioned card.

Card Issue Fee:Free minimum £100 load
Additional Cards:free
Minimum Load:Free
Transaction Fees in Canadian Dollars: Free
Foreign Exchange Fees Elsewhere:5.75%
Monthly Service Fee:Free
ATM Charge Euro Zone:Free per ATM cash withdrawal
ATM Charge Elsewhere:Free per cash withdrawal
Cancellation / Redemption:£6.00
Replacement Card Fees:Free
Balance Enquiry
By Phone:£0.10 per minute
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

Travelex Canadian Cash Passport Card Review

You have chosen to apply for a Travelex Canadian Dollar Cash Passport, please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved. Please ensure that:

-You are at least 18 years of age
-You are a permanent resident/citizen of the UK
-Card is FREE when you preload £100 to get your card?

Please note that until payment is made your Travelex Cash Passport account will not be opened and How to Pay?

Pay now - The fastest and easiest way to pay is by debit card or credit card. Make a simple one off payment whilst signing up. Confirmed highly secure website, with card and personal details protected.
Pay later - If you prefer to pay by cash. Choose to pay by cash at any Travelex branch giving them your card reference, they will inform you when the amount is loaded to your card.
These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for the Travelex Cash Passport. Please ensure you read their terms and conditions and see a full list of charges..
The decision to accept will only be made by Travelex Cash Passport after they have taken your details, confirmed your ID and received payment.

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Travelex Canadian Card

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Travelex Canadian Card
65 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TD

Tel: +44 (0)20 7400 4000

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Travelex Canadian Card

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